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5 New Year Resolutions for 2021 (and products to help!)

It’s that time again, time to write up your goals for the year and reflect on what you want to accomplish. We always sit down as a family to set personal and family goals in areas including physical, knowledge, social, financial, and other areas of our life.

Now, 2 weeks into the new year, it’s time to reflect and perfect those goals so you can have a fulfilling 2021! Here’s our favorite products for the new year to help you be the very best you!

5 New Year Resolutions for 2021

We received a variety of samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are our own.

Spend Quality Time Together

What better way to show your love for your children being perfectly and exactly who they are than with the adorable new line of stuffed friends by MiMo Toys! Pick from one of 9 darling pals including a turtle, unicorn, bunny, and more! We picked Trueman the Honest Alligator to help open up conversations about truth and honesty with my 10 year old. And Kai the Dreamy Turtle for my worried 6-year old. They’re both so darling!

Each stuffed animal comes with an oversized plush (23″ long) that can double as a pillow and is perfect for hugging plus a miniature sized travel pal (7″ long) for on the go! I love that MiMo was so thoughtful to include two of the same friend as it really is perfect for younger kids that want to bring their beloved stuffed animals with them everywhere! We’re absolutely loving MiMo Stuffed Animals for opening up conversations about being unique and celebrating those differences!

The Nintendo Switch continues to be a great choice for families with games that are kid-friendly and also fun for adults and a huge catalog of titles including beloved Mario games! Get started with Animal Crossing: New Horizons that won the 2020 Game Award for the Best Family game of the year! This darling game lets up to 4 family members all create their own character and share an island to play and interact together as you explore, craft, and make your own unique island!

Your family will also love reliving three favorites in Super Mario 3D All-Stars! The game title includes: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. The games play with up to 2 players as you introduce your children to your favorite Nintendo games while reliving your past!

Dads, get your family involved in the hobbies you love with the help of Midland! Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, camping, or any other outdoor activities, be prepared for what you love and for the times you are at home, too. The ER210 E+Ready Compact Emergency Crank Radio can fit right in to your emergency supplies and be compact enough to take on your adventures. It can keep you alert with the NOAA weather alert channel so you stay safe wherever you go.

For those with a HAM radio license or ready for a new family hobby, try the DBR2500 Dual Band Amateur Two-Way Radio. This mobile unit makes it easy to use at home or out on your adventures. It transmits on two amateur frequencies 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz. This radio does require an FCC license to transmit, but could be a fun new project for your family for the new year! Midland has products to help you stay connected during all your outdoor adventures.

Be More Productive

Create your own perfect home command center with a 1THRIVE Wall Organizer! Choose from a variety of setups to have the perfect configuration for your family’s needs! Whether you need to plan family schedules and pick-ups or want to focus on your meal planning and grocery list you can swap panels to make the perfect arrangement and focus for your family’s needs.

I picked The Susan which features a large whiteboard calendar and space for additional reminders. Then, a built-in filing box can help stash and store mail, homework, and other important papers until they’re taken care of. I love that there’s even a spot to hang keys and stash dry erase markers and pens so you’re always ready! Find your favorite 1THRIVE wall organizer here!

Connect for your business calls or tune-into a motivational podcast while you work around the home and on-the-go with Motorola Tech3 wireless earbuds. They have a smart design that lets you adapt to your situation and needs. Use them truly wireless or connect a cord that stores right on the case to use in sport loop mode, or plug in directly with the included audio cable giving you true flexibility!

Turn to the Sonic Sub 530 speaker when you want to play music or other audio that fills your space. Connect two speakers for larger spaces to play simultaneously for larger spaces and outdoors. It’s water resistant and splash proof making it a perfect choice for all your outings! You can easily control this Bluetooth speaker using voice commands with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. See all Motorola’s products to help you be more productive in the new year!

We’re spending more time than ever before working from home so it’s the perfect time for making your home office work better for you with Fluidstance! They offer innovative balance boards that give you the flexibility to get out of the seat and on your feet during the workday in a fun way! Add The Base Mat to protect your floors or to adjust your carpet for use with the balance board!

Keep track of all your ideas, plans, and to-dos with Wall – a portable, magnetic, dual-sided whiteboard. It’s perfect for quickly jotting down your ideas and reminders so you can focus on what matters most at work and boost your productivity as you stay focused and remember to-do’s and ideas for upcoming projects!

Make your power supply all the more efficient with Nooie Smart Home products! The Smart Power Strip can control four regular plugs and 4 USB charging ports with 3 different types of schedules. Set on/off schedules, turn on outlets for a specific period of time (such as 1 hr), and away schedules to help you make the most of your new charging hub. You can control the Smart Power Strip with Alexa and Google Assistant to help you turn on and off your outlets by name! They also have a convenient 4-pack of Smart Plugs to help customize your home control.

The Nooie Cam 360 can help you protect your loved ones and keep an eye on the home wherever you may be. With a clear 1080 Full HD picture and superior night vision you’ll be able to always have a view of what matters most. The camera is able to pan and tilt and tracks motion to stay in focus. Plus, with two-way audio, you can scare off intruders or reassure your pet while you’re away.

A Clean and Tidy Home

If you have kids, pets, or workout gear chances are you’ve struggled with odor control at times. Did you know there’s a natural solution that can help absorb and remove odors? Basic Concepts offers a set of Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal bags that help purify air to leave it fresh and odor free. The 4-pack gives you even to place in your shoe closet, in the car, at the bottom of your activewear drawer, or wherever you most need them.

To active the charcoal, just place the charcoal bags in the sun for a couple of hours once a month. The sun naturally recharges the efficiency of the charcoal by removing any trapped odors the charcoal has absorbed. Basic Concepts bamboo charcoal bags are up to 10x more porous than regular charcoal, making in much more effective. They can be rejuvenated and reused for up to 2 years helping to keep your home naturally odor free with no chemicals! Grab a 4-pack of Bamboo Charcoal Bags on Amazon!

Take charge of how your home looks, smells, and feels with the help of Simply Earth Essential Oils! They’ve created a monthly recipe box that helps you learn how to use essential oils in your every day life. With each monthly themed box you’ll learn how to home make cleaning solutions, beauty products, and a variety of health and home products that you can trust with toxin-free ingredients!

February’s Simply Earth box is a theme we can all use — a “Mood Detox Box!” The recipes for the month are focused around uplifting and improving your mood and creating a positive atmosphere. With many of us spending more time than ever at home, this is such a timely box perfect for focusing on self care and a healthy home for the new year! Including in February’s box is: Happy Joy essential oil blend, Basil essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Lava essential oil, and the extra supplies and 6 recipes to get started! Plus, start with a FREE bonus box!!

Do you have any upcoming trips planned? Or maybe you are ready to tackle organizing your closets for the new year? Turn to Eagle Creek and their new line of Pack-In Organizers that can help! There are a variety of shapes and sizes to organize based on your needs but a perfect place to start is with the Pack-It Reveal Cube Set that comes with three difference sizes to get started!

They have three lines of Pack-It products to fit every need. The Isolate line is anti-microbial, ultra-light and translucent to let you quickly see what’s inside. Choose Reveal line for packing cubes that are lightweight, breathable, and have good visibility. For the tough jobs, the Gear line will offer ultimate protection with a rugged and water repellent case.

Get Better Sleep

Update your bedding with the luxury and clean sophisticated look of Late Mornings Royal Collection Duvet Cover set. The clean white linens with contrasting embroidery comes in 5 colors to match your room and style. Choose from black, blue, gold, red, or silver accent embroidered design. The duvet set includes a duvet cover and two embroidered pillow shams.

You’ll love the Royal Collection Duvet as it’s crafted with a cotton percale that’s carefully woven with a one-over-and-one-under weave process that creates a strong and durable design that’s made to last. It also creates a breathable and soft fabric that gets better after each wash! You’ll also find that the duvet helps you stay cool and comfortable all night.

A cozy night’s sleep is just one pillow away! Cariloha offers a range of pillows to meet everyone’s personal style. My husband and I both have very different sleep preferences, but with their range of pillows we found two pillows we each really love! For my husband, the Retreat Pillow gave him the firm but flexible pillow was perfect for him as a back sleeper that sometimes rotates to his side.

I choose the Cariloha Flex Pillow that can be adjusted with a removable fill to have it just the perfect level for your preferences. I love a pillow that’s soft with lots of give but still supportive. I move a lot during the night so I like a pillow that can adjust to a variety of sleep positions and the Flex Pillow was perfect for me! Cariloha pillows are made with a bamboo charcoal memory foam that wicks away moisture and repels odors, toxins and dust mites!

When you’re ready to get busy around the house doing chores, work, or even focusing on self care you’ll be able to stay present but filter out excess noise with the help of Loop Earplugs! There are three styles to choose from to filter out 20 or 30 decibels of noise. Start with Loop Experience that lowers the volume while still keeping you present. You’ll still be able to hear all that’s going on around you but with out all the excess noise — perfect for parents!

Or, when you need even more noise filtering, try Loop Quiet that can reduce the noise around you by -30 decibels! As a mom of 4 noisy boys ages 6-14 I have absolutely loved Loop! They let me spend more time around my boys without the overload of noise which makes us all happier! Since I’m not fussing at the kids to quiet down we can all have a happier day. The Loop earplugs are very comfortable and do a great job of dimming the noise while not completely blocking it. I’ve even used them for sleep!

Improve Self Care

Update your look with a fresh, clean color for the new year with eSalon Custom Hair Color! You can upload a picture and select your desired color and then a stylist will help to assure you’ll get a color that meets what you’re looking for. I was looking for a fresh all over color that would hide the couple of greys that have starting to pop up and add just a hint of red to my hair. The stylist help me select a custom color that wouldn’t be too dark and would go well with my skin tone.

Application was easier than expected to achieve my new fresh color all by myself. The directions even included a cute sticker to help you hold up the directions on your mirror while you color. With eSalon you’ll have your perfect color shipped right to your door on your schedule. Choose by weeks or skip an order if you’re not yet ready for your next dye and you’ll also be prepared to look your very best this year!

Our skin should be a focus of a self care routine and with Blissoma you can rely on products that are natural and holistic that work great with the use of beneficial plant extracts! The first step is a good cleansing and I’m loving this two-in-one product, Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover, that clears away makeup while cleansing my skin!

I’m new to using toners, but found the Intense Ion Hydration Tonique an easy addition to my skin cleansing routine. Since my skin is often dry and lacking hydration, it’s a great addition for me! I have fallen in love with facial oils for helping to restore moisture and improve my skin quality. The Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil is made with 100% natural plan oil recipe with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamins — and things my skin craves!

Shopping for new glasses has never been easier than with They simplify the whole process from picking your frames to your prescription and ordering! The hardest part is always finding frames that will fit your face well. It’s hard to do in person and even harder to do online, but with their Try-On feature it’s much easier to picture how the glasses will really look on your face – this is my Try-On picture above!

After virtually trying on the frames, I decided on the Westend Broadview Heights glasses. I love that they’re modern and have a little spunk without being too thick, heavy, or dark so they don’t detract from my face. has a variety of lens options that will help you get the perfect glasses with anti-glare or blue light blocking or even a transitions lenses that change color when out in the sun! You can even update your prescription online with their free online vision test!

What are your new year resolutions for 2021? Which of these products are you loving?

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