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Sea World – Trip Day 3!

Friday morning was to be our last full day in San Diego. Originally, my husband had planned to go Scuba Diving that day but his trip got canceled and he got scheduled with a different tour for Saturday instead as they didn’t have the minimum required for the trip.

We checked out of our Manchester Grand Hyatt Suite and headed right off to Sea World! I knew my 2 year old would LOVE Sea World as he is really into animals! He loved every part of this park and had a great time!

On the other hand, my 4 year old threw a fit the whole day and was quite a grouch! We didn’t end up staying at Sea World too long because of this. We did get to see a lot of animals though in just a short amount of time.

We went right to the Sharks exhibit first as I think that exhibit is just so amazing!! Following the sharks we were heading pass the dolphins and caught them right when the trainers were feeding and working with them! It was like watching the dolphin show with front row seats and was really awesome!

They were doing flips and skidding across the water on their backs and some neat tricks! Then we went along to the Polar Bear and Beluga whales exhibit. I am always completely blown away by the Beluga whales as these stark white massive whales that glide through the water so effortlessly! They just amaze me!

Then when were in front of the Polar Bears we were talking about how last time it was amazing how the Polar Pear walked right in front of the window. Not a minute passed and the Polar Bear goes walking right in front of the glass and totally caught us off guard! We were able to see a lot of great animals and finished our visit there with the Killer Whales!

San Diego Beach Front

After our visit to Sea World we went down to the beach and spent a little bit of time playing in the sand. Then we headed off to the Hyatt Mission Bay Resort where we would be spending our final night. The hotel was beautiful and the location was right outside Sea World.

Friday was the last day of our 3-day San Diego Cards so the following day we just spent the morning playing at the pool and packing up the car for our return drive that afternoon. We had a great trip and loved our stay!

Disclosure: I received complimentary hotel stay and Go San Diego cards for free in return for my previous posts. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions and experience expressed above are my own!

Sheila Vives

Saturday 22nd of October 2011

Thank you for sharing. I love hearing about vacations. It is always so interesting !

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