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Legoland – San Diego Vacation Day 2!

On Thursday, April 28th, we headed out to actually get to go to Legoland with our Go San Diego cards. The day before they had been closed as a seasonal closure and we just had not paid enough attention to the schedule. None of us had been to Legoland and I had not been on any roller coasters since before I had children since I have been pregnant or had a little once since we have been married.

I was thrilled and excited to actually get to go on some roller coasters! I have to say, almost all the rides are for children and even the roller coasters they do have, can accommodate young children. My 4.5 year old came along with me on the only real coaster I rode, so it was a pretty mild roller coaster, though still fun.


I loved all the amazing Lego creations all throughout the park though!! At one point in the park there was a life-sized car made from Legos!!

It had an information plaque next to it that said the car was hollow and weighed over 2,900 pounds!! Can you imagine if it had been filled then with Legos! Also, it would take 1 person over a full  year to build the Lego car!!

My 4 year old loved all the rides while my 2.5 year old crashed about 2 minutes after climbing into the stroller and got a 1.5-2 hour nap!! Totally surprised me! Lol! We actually didn’t stay too late at the park though as the boys were all getting tired of the lines and the heat so we left the park before closing and went to grab some pizza.

After all the fun we had, we returned home to our beautiful Hyatt Suite and went to cool off at the pool! It was a really fun day but it was so nice to just relax back in our room as well!

Disclosure: I received complimentary hotel stay and Go San Diego cards for free in return for my previous posts. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions and experience expressed above are my own!