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If Not You, Then Who? Book Review

This post is sponsored by If Not You, Then Who? book.

Does your child want to grow up to be a pilot, a teacher, a firefighter? How about an inventor? This cute new book series, If Not You, Then Who? helps children explore and inspire the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs!

If Not You, Then Who?
Book Review

There are two darling books and both are wonderful for both boys and girls. As a mom of all boys, I jumped right into the boy-themed book, Noah’s Treehouse first.

Noah’s Treehouse does a great job of talking about topics that all kids will be drawn to. They discuss big machines and big dreams of building a treehouse! Throughout the story there are interesting sections that are educational right along the storyline.

For example, as Noah and his dad make their way through the store to purchase their treehouse supplies they find a forklift. A side page then gives interesting information about how forklifts were first invented. Did you know they were first called “Tructractors”?

I really loved that Noah’s Treehouse inspired my kids to want to draw and design their own treehouse! A book that can teach and inspire is great — one that can get them actually motivated to get started, even in simple ways, is a real winner!

Their treehouses went from simple to the sky’s the limit (with roller coasters and a pool on the roof!) Eventually, we then talked about designing something they could build themselves, like an indoor blanket fort. The early hesitance of my 6 year old saying he “couldn’t do it” and “didn’t know how” quickly transformed into adding all his own ideas and a big smile on his face!

It then summed up the inventions learned about with an interesting timeline at the back of the book! Perfect for helping to showcase how inventions start and then can also inspire new innovations down the road.

If Not You, Then Who? The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas was just as good. It details Brooke as she goes through her day finding inventions all throughout her normal routine!

All About the
If Not You Series

David and Emberlie Pridham are the co-authors of the all-new If Not You children’s book series.  Celebrated by child development for inspiring Young Inventors and Entrepreneurs by sparking creativity and imagination in the Minds of Children Ages 7-14, the Pridham’s If Not You books showcase how:

  • Inventions and Inventors are everywhere
  • Inventors solve everyday problems
  • Some of our most enduring inventions were actually created by accident
  • Inventors make it their primary business to always remain alert to needs of the public, and the opportunities all around them
  • The importance of protecting original ideas

The world revolves around inventions as virtually every aspect of our lives benefit from their limitless innovations.  As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Harbor Group, LLC David Pridham works with several of the most prominent corporate and individual inventors in the country, helping them to protect their innovations and bringing them to market.  Now, joining together with his wife Emberli – a recognized designer – the couple have succeeded in bringing the world of inventors to a whole new audience – our children. 

The Pridham’s book series If Not You, Then Who share how inventors excel at identifying and framing problems – and seeing problems from many different angles and perspectives. Inventors enlist the help and perspective of others underscoring the value of teamwork. They make prototypes from readily available materials and find the best ways to communicate their inventions in compelling ways.

As children read the If Not You books, they will discover why we should all aspire to invent, how inventors take note of the problems people face in their daily lives, and how they can help solve them through creativity and innovation. 

As we parents know, the Covid pandemic and resulting sheltering at home challenges have kids in need of new discoveries that can engage them, exercise their creativity and give them purpose during these stressful times (especially with virtual classrooms).  The Pridham’s book series is a vast resource of extraordinary knowledge – and endless fun. 

Inventors are indeed heroes that kids can look up to, be inspired by and seek to emulate.  Importantly, children can exercise their own creativity during these trying times, as they read the If Not You series of books. Through their fun and informative If Not You book series, the Pridham’s unveil ways in which children can embark on a journey of invention – and work to help build a better world.

The process of inventing is a valuable lesson for life – learning how to be innovative, how to protect what you have created, bring it to market, work with others, respect the opinions of others – the world of inventors and inventions is tailor-made to encourage children’s creativity and teamwork – and to show a whole set of heroes (inventors) they can look up to and aspire to be like.

You can find both The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas and Noah’s Treehouse If Not You, Then Who? books on Amazon! The books are included as part of the Kindle Unlimited service, or available on Kindle and as a Hardcover book. Plus, a third book in the series is coming soon!

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