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Teaching Kids to Give

Kids are often much more inclined to give than we are. I often see my 6 year old telling his brother he will share his $5 bill from his birthday card with him or my 8 year old sharing the last candy with his younger brother so he won’t be sad. While kids often have that natural inclination to give back to others, the holidays are the perfect time of the year to teach them what it means to really give back and help others around them in meaningful ways. This will encourage their desire to share, give, and make a difference in the world around them. Here are some easy ways that kids can give back!

This post is sponsored by Coinstar. All opinions are my own. 

Teaching Kids to Give

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Kids Can Give…

…Outgrown Clothes – Clear out the closets as the weather shifts in the fall and prepare clothing that you can bring to a women’s shelter or donation center. Let your child get involved and tell them what you are doing and let them help bring in the donation.

…Old Toys – Christmas usually means new toys! Make a tradition of making space for the new by clearing out the old toys that are no longer being played with. Remind your kids that the toys will go to another boy or girl that will love the toy just as much as they used to and that they are making space for that special something from Santa.

…New Toys – Shop together with a budget to find great sales on some of the favorite toys for the season to give to those who may otherwise not be able to afford Christmas. You can find a Christmas tree with a child’s age and gender to shop for, pick a neighborhood family, or just donate new toys to your local Fire Station. The kids will like helping if you let them be the experts in picking out a great gift for a kid their age.

…Pre-read Books – My boys always have a brimming full bookshelf, but many kids don’t. Reading is so very important that all kids should have access to books! Clear out some space on those bookshelves by donating books the kids never read.

…to Someone in Need – Talk to your children about families or friends you know that could use extra help. Head over and pick weeds or clean up the yard, deliver a meal you cook together or have the kids over so the parents can have a night off.

…a Random Act of Kindness – Encourage your children to do something nice for someone without being noticed. Make it a goal to be sneaky and not get caught while spreading kindness!

…Time to Others – Often, the most valuable thing we have to give is our time! Visit the elderly together or go and visit a friend that is feeling sad.

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…Coins – We are always quick to pass off our spare change and coins to our kids. While a few coins may not seem like much, before long those coins really add up and can make a big difference to someone in need! You can encourage your child to share some of their coins teaching them that even a really small amount of giving shows love to others.


Coinstar can make it easy, and fun, to show your children how to give back. Their kiosk counts up the coins and lets you select how you’d like to use the coins. You can turn the coins into cash, a gift card, or donate the coins to charity! This gives your family choices on the best way to help your child donate and give this season. Cash out the coins to a cash voucher and take the kids on a shopping spree to pick out a nice gift for someone your family knows that is in need. Or, choose a gift card option and deliver a gift card to the family or a donation center to let them pick out their own perfect gift for the holidays. There is no service fee with the gift card option, which gives you the full value of your coins counted for you and ready to gift!


If you don’t know someone with a particular need that you can help, the coins can be donated right there at the kiosk to charity – making it a great way to give back any time of the year. Since Coinstar kiosks can be found at many grocery stores, you could make it a habit to toss in your spare change as you leave the store with your children teaching them by example and letting them help that giving back is important and matters!

How do you teach your kids to give?


Monday 22nd of December 2014

This machine makes it so easy to save change! I now know what to do with it, lol

Kathleen Bunn

Monday 22nd of December 2014

I think it is so important to teach kids not only to give money, but all of their time. I have been finding ways for the boys to volunteer this holiday season.


Monday 22nd of December 2014

I have seen the charity option. My son is great, like you said, about giving time and's a little harder for him to donate his toys (even if he hasn't used them in a long time). We're working on that one. ;)

Liz Mays

Sunday 21st of December 2014

I've always cashed in for a gift card. I really like this charity option though. I think I'll do that next time!

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Sunday 21st of December 2014

My grandmother was quite the philanthropist and she taught my mom well when it came to giving back and she taught me to be the same way. I don't have children myself, but I was a Special Ed teacher and I always encouraged the kids to give back and help others. It is important to teach children these skills very early on so it becomes natural to continuing doing so as they get older.

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