ViveVita My Spot & Bandette Review & Giveaway

ViveVita offers creative solutions like their Towel Clasps to keep a hand towel from falling, kissaboos reusable booboo cover up, and their Gripster kids handle. We were able to review a set of their Bandette Cup Labels and My Spot! I had been struggling with my 5 and 3 year old constantly bickering and fighting over which CHAIR was theirs at the counter. It is the silliest thing to be causing a fight but it has been a big issue for us!

ViveVita My Spot

Right away when we opened the My Spot I assigned one of the spots to each of my 3 boys. I wrote their names on their individual spots and when they start to bicker about who gets to sit where I have them run and find their spots and put them on a chair. Just them standing up and moving to go find their My Spot usually solves the whole problem as it becomes a fun race to find something! When their My Spot is still on the chair, then it is even easier to diffuse the situation as they easily recognize and understand why it is not THEIR spot! ViveVita’s My Spot would be perfect for creating a mobile time out spot also! I think that will work perfectly for my youngest when he’s just a little bit older! The spots are lightweight and would easily roll up and fit in a diaper bag for a time out spot on the go!

ViveVita Bandette & MySpot Review

ViveVita Bandette Cup Labels fit really well on all of my youngest son’s sippy cups! As his sippy cup goes with us everywhere it’s nice to have it labeled and have a bit less worry! Now, if I forget a cup behind at a friends house it’s easy for them to know it was ours! Or, when at a playdate with friends it is much easier to spot out and know for sure which cup is ours! I wrote on the label with permanent marker and it faded way down, but is still lightly visible. If the written portion continues to fade I’m going to try a ballpoint pen next, and see if that does better. It is still easy to identify the labels, though, as they each have a unique character. All 3 of my boys could be using a different cup and label and they would know which one was theirs as the characters match with their My Spot!

My Spot and Bandette are both sold in a 3-pack! ViveVita products can be purchased through a variety of online retailers including Amazon. Their Bandette cup labels are also available in Babies R Us local stores!

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Disclosure: I received a set of Bandette Cup Labels and My Spot in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


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