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I received products from International Playthings in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


Playing with family units is one of the best ways for children to learn and express social behaviors. I find it always very enlightening when I have children in my care play with family units.  They often express the things that they experience throughout their days. Seeing how they use these toys to interact with each other, gives us as adults great tools for teaching.  It also gives us a chance to introduce new ideas for things to do with children.

International Playthings has a large assortment of family units and accessories in their Calico Critters product line, for your children to learn with and enjoy through play.


I received this Callico Critters Border Collie family along with this hot red Cherry Cruiser. The animal families are jointed at the arms and legs and have a fuzzy feel to them. The Cherry Cruiser came with a booster seat for a baby, two food trays to connect on the backs of the front seats and a hidden picnic table that can be taken out and set up along with food to blogs

This Cherry Cruiser has a trunk that opens and will hold all the small accessory’s.  Behind the 2-Cute plate is the hidden picnic table that slides right out and sets up.  I love the fact that we have the family, a vehicle and someplace to go (picnic).

International Playthings Calico Critters has Many families to choose from, vehicles to pick and Destinations of your choice.  These would be a great gift for your child anytime of the year. Easter is coming and these would be wonderful in a basket.

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