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How do you currently manage and and store all of your Blu-ray and DVD discs? Have you ever had your kids break or scratch one of your movies so that you could no longer use your disc? FilePop software can help you preserve your video library with its ability to copy and rip your Blu-Ray and DVD discs. Why not immediately make a copy of your movies to a second disc and stash away your original copy for safe keeping? Or, rip the movie onto your hard drive and stream your movies right to your TV or convert them to take with you on your tablet or devices! FilePop will let you convert, rip, and copy all your movie files. Plus, you can download clips from YouTube and convert and save those files as well.

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Janel’s Review – I am always worried about scratched, lost, or broken discs with my 4 little boys and so we have always used ripping software to make copies of our movies and keep them all safely stored on an external hard drive. I absolutely love the ease of finding movies right on our hard drive and it is even easy for my children to do. I create a folder for all of our movies with a sub folder for our kids movies. This way, my kids have access only to those movies. Inside that folder I created a specific folder for each movie and changed the folder icon of each of the folder to display that movies box art. It is simple for my kids to now scroll through their options and pick out a movie to enjoy. The only difficult part of copying movies is the new protections that come about with newer movies. FilePop doesn’t include a decryption tool so you do have to go and search for or purchase that separately. The software is pretty straight forward in it’s layout, but there are a lot of options in the quality and type of file you can create so it can get confusing. I tried copying a couple of DVD’s to an .avi file type to be watched on our computer and I couldn’t figure out the right settings, even with some help, to get the file converted properly.

Ashleigh’s Review – FilePop helped me by allowing my kids to watch movies on our iPads and iPods without needing an internet connection!  I don’t normally bring our iPads in the car with us because the second the Wi-Fi is disconnected, my kids freak out and think the iPad is broken!  With FilePop, I am able to convert my DVDs (after using an encryption tool) to a form that is accessible on the iPads.  I can add several movies and my kids are able to find them easily.  This means I no longer have to use the actual discs since I have a cord that connects my iPad to any TV in my house!  With five kids and over 600 DVDs, it will take a while to get through, but the thought of not having random DVDs and cases laying around the house is totally worth it!  My 14-year-old is great at “computer stuff” and he is excited to check out the other features that FilePop has to offer!

You can start with the FilePop FREE Video Converter software or upgrade to FilePop Ultimate DVD/Video Suite or FilePop HD Platinum 2013. FilePop is available through BurnWorld where you’ll find bonus offers and coupon savings, too! Plus, orders are covered by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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Ashleigh is a mom of five children ages 4-14. She loves to keep active by running, playing volleyball, P90X and chasing her kids around! She also enjoys Bunko, playing and teaching piano, cooking, ping-pong, getting packages, watching Netflix, and trying out new stuff! She loves being a mom and sometimes feels like a 12-year-old kid when she gets to try out new toys and games with her kiddos :)


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  1. It would help by keeping my movies safe from scratches. I don’t know how many movies my kids have scratched up that wont play anymore

  2. Well iit says you can convert camcorder movies to dvd or blu ray. I’ve never been able to figure how to do that, with filepop maybe I could get the job done.

    denice p
    doozercries at yahoo dot ccom

  3. I could convert some blu rays to dvds so I could watch them on our tv that still is hooked up to a dvd player.

  4. Thanks for this nice giveaway. FilePop can help me to save my precious DVD from my child (
    he has already damaged many!)

  5. This software will help me organize my movie collection, as well as save my movies digitally, so that when we go to a friend’s house to watch movies we will have a greater selection with us.