Munchkin Swaddle Angel Swaddling Blanket Review + Giveaway

The first time I was pregnant, I attended a birthing class.  It was at this class I was introduced to swaddling.  We were given a baby doll to practice with as well as a receiving blanket.  We had to swaddle our baby (or as my husband calls it “burrito wrap”) with this small square.  

After my baby came, I had to swaddle him to get him to sleep.  This was fine, except, he quickly grew out of the receiving blanket and using a regular blanket became too hot (he was born in September in Arizona).

Fast forward 14 years.

When I had my baby in November, I noticed that there was a new blanket being utilized among all the mothers at church.  This is where I was introduced to the swaddling blanket. Oh my goodness, the joy these blankets would have been if I had them with the previous 4 babies!  In fact, one of my friends has said that swaddling blankets are her new go to baby shower gift!

Swaddling blankets are huge, they completely cover your baby.  Whether you are swaddling a 7 pound newborn, or a 13 pound 5 month old (she’s still pretty teeny).  Swaddling blankets are also good for..well just about everything.  I’ve used mine for a play blanket, burp rag, nursing cover and car seat cover.

A Mom's Take2I was super excited to try Munchkin’s new Swaddle Angel blanket and burp cloth.  When they arrived I was immediately smitten by their beautiful design.  They don’t look like any of the others out there.  They are just beautiful.  My friend Jessica wanted to take the purple blanket to use as a scarf.   Not only are the beautiful, but the swaddling blankets are extremely soft.  When I swaddled Mischa the first time in the Swaddle Angel blanket, I was a bit jealous.  The soft material feels like butter.  And let me tell you, every wash makes the blanket softer.  My 3 year old keeps taking it to snuggle with.

The burp cloth is one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen.   It has a pocket to slip your hand into, so when you are burping your little one, you easily hold it under their chin to catch anything.  And it is very absorbent.  Mischa is a spitter and it could handle her.

About Munchkin Swaddle Angel products

  • Swaddle Angel Blanket:  a multi-use blanket perfect for swaddling, or to use as a stroller cover, burp cloth or a tummy time mat. It features corner loops that attach directly to a stroller, and is exclusively designed with a unique double layer center panel to provide extra support and warmth for your little one, while also offering better nursing privacy for mom. The stylish Swaddle Angel Blanket is designed with 100% rayon from bamboo, and is available in a 2-pack with six print options including; Morning Floral, Animal, Boomerang, Diamond, Bird Floral and X Batik.
  • Swaddle Angel Burp Cloth: an absorbent and easy to launder burp clothe which features rayon made from bamboo, as well as French terry material that is 100-percent cotton, providing ultra-soft comfort for baby. It is crafted with an innovative neck cut-out to lay over the shoulder, and a clever pocket design that mom can easily slip her hand into and use for easy face-wiping.

Munchkin Swaddle Angel Blankets and burp clothes are available in stores starting May 1st.  Swaddle Angel blankets come in a pack of 2 and retail for $49.99.  The burp clothes retail for $14.99.

Win 2 Swaddle Angel Blankets and a Burp Cloth!

Swaddling Blanket

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