Educational Fun at the Aquarium + Printable


Summertime here in Phoenix is brutal. With temperatures well over 100, I enjoy finding fun and educational activities to keep my son cool during these warm months. One of my son’s new favorite activities is visiting the Sea Life Aquarium in Arizona. Wanting my son to get the most educational experience out of his Sea Life visit, I created this … Continue reading

McDonald’s: Why My Kids Are Lovin’ It!

Mcdonald's Skylanders

If someone asked me what restaurant my boys liked best, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer. Every time we drive past a McDonald’s, my minivan fills with shouts of excitement as they see the golden arches and recognize instantly their favorite place to stop. It’s no surprise to me why they love McDonald’s, but let me show you a look at … Continue reading

Fresh Basil Limeade


Oh my!  It’s the dog days of summer! We’ve been the the lake a bunch of times, we have a season pass to the outdoor swimming pool/water park and we’ve had some serious neighborhood bbqs.  For all of those events, this next recipe is one of my FAVORITES!! Seriously.   It works as a instant rehydrator, restores electrolytes, cools ya … Continue reading

Family Road Trip Safety Tips

road trip safety

Moving out of state for school means A LOT of road trips to visit family. Having a son of my own, I’ve realized that although grandma and grandpa enjoy my husband and I visiting, the real reason they look forward to our visits is seeing our son. This means that we make the drive from Arizona to Utah and Idaho … Continue reading

Creative Children’s Bedroom Decor

bedroom decor

Looking for creative ways to spruce up your child’s bedroom on a dime? Try creating a fun focal point that showcases your kiddo’s interests and personality. Whether you are looking for something plain and simple or pink and frilly, you’ll love these creative children’s bedroom decor ideas. I received Ace Furniture in exchange for this post. Regardless, all opinions are … Continue reading

Holiday Decor – JOY Wooden Letters

Holiday Decor - JOY Wooden Letters - A Mom's Take

In keeping with our Christmas in July theme, this week we have a great piece of Holiday Decor. These JOY Wooden Letters will look great on a book shelf, on top of a cabinet, or on display in any room of the house.  You can use this same idea to create other words for the holidays or even year around … Continue reading

Finding Flattering Swimsuits for your Body Type

flattering swimsuits

Do you have trouble finding flattering swimsuits for your body type? I KNOW I’m not the only woman in the world that feels uncomfortable about her body in a bathing suit. After having a child, my swimsuit needs now include a lot of support up top and adequate coverage in the midsection (to hide the stretch marks and extra pounds). … Continue reading

Sparkling Summer Accessories

summer accessories

Let’s be honest, although I absolutely adore being a mother, it’s definitely not a very glamorous job. Because of the many messes that accompany motherhood, I spend most of my days in yoga pants with a messy bun on top of my head. However, every now and then, it’s refreshing to actually get dressed for the day and wear some … Continue reading

How to Pick the Right Formula for Your Baby

How to Pick the Right Formula

I am a Similac ambassador and received compensation for this post. Breastfeeding your baby is always the best first option, but many moms face a time in their babies lives that they need to supplement or switch to formula. When you’re facing that decision for yourself, it can be confusing to know how to pick the right formula for your … Continue reading

Frozen Orange Cream Pie Recipe

Orange Cream Pie Recipe

I have shared before my very favorite pie recipe for Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie! Once in a while, we like to mix up my very favorite and go for something with a bit different flavor and the same great refreshing taste of that pie I love so much. So today I’m going to share a variation on that recipe: Frozen Orange … Continue reading