Homemade Banana Pudding Trifle Recipe

Homemade Banana Pudding Recipe

When I was off at college, I would make a banana cream pie at least once a month. It has to be the world’s easiest dessert, and was certainly the only one I knew how to make besides cookie dough, so it became my favorite. Way back then, though, I just used a box mix of pudding. It doesn’t even … Continue reading

Four Essentials for Working Out #Sponsor

Essentials for working out

Recently my parents decided to listen to their doctors and start working out.  Starting a new workout routine can be super daunting, and it was for my parents. They weren’t sure what they needed to wear, or even bring with them to make sure they had a successful workout.  I took pity on my poor parents and helped them prepare … Continue reading

Buying Your First Car Tips #GoodNeighbor

Buying Your First Car Tips

I can easily recall when I started looking to buy my very first car. I had been able to use my parents’ cars while growing up. Now, I was home from college and working full-time as a nanny and ready to buy a car for myself. It’s an overwhelming journey trying to navigate buying a car for the first time … Continue reading

5 Fun Celebration Lunch Ideas for Kids

Celebration Lunchbox Ideas

My very favorite times to get creative with my kids school lunches is the week of a holiday! It’s so much fun to do something creative for their lunchbox when there is something to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if the reason is a big holiday, a random themed day of the year, or even just a special day in our … Continue reading

Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home

home decor

I LOVE decorating my home. However, with a husband in PA school (he graduates in 2 weeks, wahoo) our home decor budget is pretty small. Nevertheless, I’ve found that living on a budget does not mean that you can’t find fun and budget friendly ways to decorate your home. Looking for inexpensive ways to spruce up your home? Check out … Continue reading

Teaching Your Child the Alphabet

Teaching Your child the alphabet

So many children just started their first day of school.  In my home, I had one go to their 2nd year of preschool, another start 2nd grade, another start 7th grade and finally my oldest started his junior year of high school.  No matter their age, they all started the same way, by learning the alphabet. I received Tappy Alphabet … Continue reading

Road Trip Time #oursummerjourney

Road Trip Time

I have very fond memories of road trips as a kid. We lived in Arizona and all of our extended family lived in Utah. We used to make the 12 hour drive several times a year. I remember packing up my bag that fit under my seat and loading up in the van. Without fail the long drive would end … Continue reading