6 Self Care Habits to Teach Your Tweens

These 6 self-care habits are a definite must for any teen. Be sure you are teaching your teen the hygiene skills they will need.

My kids are getting to that awkward age where they are stuck between being a kid and teenager. That lovely age where they are just starting to smell funny and get all kinds of hormonal. I guess that means it’s time to start teaching them a little something about hygiene. This post was developed in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. All … Continue reading

Creating a Baby Friendly & Stylish Home


I received samples and compensation from Playtex to talk about Diaper Genie Expressions. #spon Kids come with a lot of stuff. It is so easy to let all the baby paraphernalia take over your house. I want to show you some easy ways to decorate with kids stuff in mind. Some days your floor will be covered with toys and books, … Continue reading

How To Raise Eco-friendly Kids


There is a quote I love. I am not sure who said it, but it says, “Children are the message we send into the future, and the contribution we leave the world.” What a beautiful and terrifying thought. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. It is our duty to give the world kids who are kind, who are critical … Continue reading

6 Amazing Products That Will Make Your Home Smarter


Technology is so incredibly cool, especially when you can bring your home up to speed to meet the latest and greatest tech available. Smart home solutions can make a big difference in the way you live within your home by improving lighting options, power consumption, and safety concerns! Today, we are sharing a handful of amazing products that are sure … Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

A yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter cereal bar breakfast on the go or after school snack, your kids are going to love this kid friendly recipe.

If you love peanut butter and chocolate this is the snack for you. These yummy bars are so easy to make the kiddos can help. They’re crunchy and chewy and just a delicious after school or anytime treat. The hardest part is waiting for them to set! Have fun and enjoy. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars Ingredients: 3 cups Honey … Continue reading

7 Items To Have During Cold and Flu Season


It is hard to believe that cold and flu season is upon us once again. With school, work and play the germs are pretty unavoidable. You should always take the steps to avoid getting sick, like washing your hands and avoiding touching your face and mouth often, but if you should get sick here are the 7 items to always … Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Misala Recipe #LookWhatWeMade

This amazing Indian dish recipe of Chicken Tikka Masala is surprisingly very easy to make! If you love ethnic food, this is quickly going to become your favorite recipe! Easy, healthy, and packed full of flavor.

Today marks National Cook With Your Kids Day, and there’s no better way to get the kids in the kitchen cooking with you then with our Chicken Tikka Misala recipe. We’ve partnered with Uncle Ben’s for this post, and can’t wait to show you this amazing recipe. It’s an ethnic Indian dish that will feel like an expensive restaurant dish, but it’s … Continue reading

Cranberry Granola Cereal Bar

Cranberry Granola Cereal Bars are going to be a hit for breakfast or afternoon snack! This kid friendly recipe is healthy and nutritious.

This is a great recipe to do with the kids that is easily altered. I love to spread out all the different ingredients. You can always add more nuts or seeds, wheat germ, dried fruits or milk chocolate. Perfect for a school snack or a quick breakfast. Have fun making a different batch each time and enjoy these yummy treats … Continue reading

Potty Training Q & A


This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. All opinions are my own. I have three children: a son and two daughters, ranging in age from five to one. When I potty trained my son, I was prepared for the worst. Everyone told me how awful potty training can be, how messy boys are, how it takes them forever to … Continue reading