The Way a Relaxing Vacation Should Be!

Relaxing Vacation

I love to travel. Who doesn’t, right? There is something about stepping away from your everyday life and getting to see somewhere new that is exciting, fascinating, and so much fun! However, nearly every time I head off on a “vacation,” I end up coming home more tired than I left and wishing I had time to just relax, sleep, … Continue reading

Keeping Sick Kids Occupied

Keeping sick kids occupied

As soon as school starts, my kids start getting sick. From my preschooler to my highschooler, the germs they are exposed to at school reek havoc on my household.  It seems no matter what we do, we end up missing some time in school. Since my oldest is now 16, I can say I have a ton of sick days … Continue reading

The Skinny on MommySlim


I’ve never really been happy with my weight.  I reached my highest weight ever after I had my 4th kiddo.  I was able to, at that time, drop over 115 pounds.  I was feeling great and starting to love my body. Then I got pregnant with number 5.  Although this pregnancy was my easiest, and my most active pregnancy, I … Continue reading

Pull-apart Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Bread

We all love the weekends best, right? I know I do! It means I don’t have to rush out of bed and toss together a quick bowl of cereal for my kids before rushing out the door to take them to school. Weekends to me mean the chance to sleep in, roll out of bed in my pj’s, and start … Continue reading

Achieving a Flawless Complexion with Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeup

I don’t know about you, but through the years my skin imperfections have multiplied. My once-unblemished complexion is now kissed with many freckles and breakouts seem to occur quite regularly. Seeking perfect skin, I’ve experimented with numerous concealers, foundations, etc. However, it wasn’t until I tried airbrush makeup that I achieved the flawless skin I’ve always desired. Following these simple … Continue reading

Ham and Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Ham and Turkey Sandwich

Sandwiches are great for a fast and easy lunch. By lunchtime, I’m usually ready for something to fuel me up to be productive for the afternoon while my little ones nap. That means, I don’t want just a slice of bread and a piece or two of lunch meat but a filling, tasty sandwich like this ham and turkey sandwich … Continue reading

Pajama Jam Reading Party

Pajama Jam Title

It is time to shine some light on reading! Now is the perfect time to get your kids and their friends excited about reading, even in the dark! Here are some simple steps to host your own Pajama Jam Reading Party. I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. Location, Location, Location A party of this nature … Continue reading