4 Simple Tips for Beautiful Skin

4 Simple Beauty Tips

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox.  I have always had dry skin and because of this I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me keep my skin healthy. Just these few easy things will go a long way towards healthy skin. Keep in mind, overall health plays the biggest role in how well your skin is doing, so watch for … Continue reading

Dirt & Worms Pudding Recipe

Dirt & Worms Pudding

The kids love pudding but they especially love when I make this pudding and create Worms In Dirt Pudding for them.  I start with this base and add in a few sour gummy worms and perhaps a sprinkle of crushed candy on top for a fun and unique dessert that is both tasty and appealing to the kids. We started … Continue reading

InflatableTumble Ball by Oriental Trading


I received Inflatable Tumble Ball product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. This Inflatable Tumble Ball by Oriental Trading makes for wonderful indoor/outdoor play all year round. Your Inflatable Tumble Ball comes vacuum packed. You will need to unfold the ball before you start to inflate it.  I find it is easiest  to use my vacuum … Continue reading

Smart Money Smart Kids Giveaway!

Smart Money Smart Kids

I received a copy of Smart Money Smart Kids and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. My parents didn’t raise me to understand how money works. In fact, to this day my parents still don’t understand money and I’m slowly trying to teach them and help them break out of their own pitfalls they’ve encountered. … Continue reading

Crayon Biscuits to make with Children

Crayon biscuits

This is a wonderful way to use up all those broken crayons you have in your box.  The children get to work on their sorting, matching, small motor skills, then coloring and rubbings.  All good things to learn and lots of  fun to be had, while doing it. First you have the children sort the broken crayons from the whole … Continue reading

Simplifying Your Nighttime Routine with POND’S


This post is sponsored by Lunchbox.  If there is one beauty product that I absolutely can’t live without it is a good moisturizer. Without moisturizer, my skin is always dry and feels lifeless. Now, there’s a new product available that not only removes your make up, but moisturizes your skin while cleaning! POND’S Towelettes make the job of cleaning your … Continue reading

10 Unique Graduation Announcements #TinyPrintsGrad

10 Unique graduation annoucements

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.  I can remember back to my own graduation. I searched and searched and tried to find something completely unique and different than what my classmates might choose for my graduation announcement cards. Graduation is such an exciting time and is a chance to show off the big accomplishment and hard … Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box Ideas

Cinco de Mayo probably conjures visions of maracas, sombreros, bull fighters, and bright colors. If you are struggling to make your child a Cinco de Mayo themed lunch, though, you may be at a loss as to what to do. These simple and delicious ideas can help you make a themed lunch that is worthy of some praise. Cinco de … Continue reading

Just Pretend Kids – Review and Giveaway


I received Just Pretend Kids product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. In my training’s that I have attended and my many years as a childcare professional, I have learned the importance of children spending time in imaginative play. It is true that they can do this anywhere and  at anytime, but when they have the … Continue reading

Making your own Indoor Greenhouse Box

Homemade indoor greenhouse

These are now ready to go outside after less than 2 weeks. All opinions are my own. To start with you will need empty muffin containers, or any other packaging that is similar in shape. It can just be flat on the bottom, does not need the individual spots. You can also use the other type of coffee filters if … Continue reading