5 Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Growing up, every year we would visit my grandparents for Christmas they would bring out a pile of gifts – one per child in attendance – and we would all play gift exchange games to end up with a present! It is still my favorite memories from Christmas’ now long past. I now carry on the tradition in my own … Continue reading

Give your Toddler Relief from Congestion

Give your toddler relief from congestion

This time of year it feels like every little kid has a runny nose. It’s pretty common to see moms running to the rescue with tissue when a child sneezes. The older kids (usually) can blow their noses and get a bit of relief. Unfortunately, toddlers have a harder time dealing with congestion. I was provided compensation and samples in exchange … Continue reading

Ideas for Decorating Above Your Cabinets


It’s always fun to switch up our home decor and try something different. My husband and I picked out our home before we were married and he moved into it right away. When I moved in when we got married, I got to start adding feminine touches and decor all around the home. Over the years, though, our family grew … Continue reading

The Twisted Updo with TRESemme + Giveaway


It is the most wonderful time of the year! Also, the busiest! It seems like once Halloween happens our family is go go go! I love all of the fun traditions and get togethers surrounding the holidays. Seeing family and friends warms my heart. I also love to look my best for these outings, but sometimes my creativity fails me … Continue reading

Simple DIY Holiday Decor #BIGHoliday @BigLots

simple holiday decor

Can you believe it? National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week (November 16-22) is finally here! You know what that means? It’s time to light the cinnamon candle, turn on some Christmas tunes, and dress the tree with a little glitz and glam. I recently set out on a quest to find inexpensive and unique ways to decorate my … Continue reading