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Tips for Safeguarding Away from Home

I am a brand ambassador for Safety 1st. As such I received compensation for my time. All opinions are my own.

We always enjoy hitting the road and visiting family and friends, or just traveling to a fun and exotic destination. Whenever we travel, though, I always wonder and worry about how to keep my children safe wherever we may be visiting.

Safety Tips for Traveling

The one thing I can’t leave home with out for a child under the age of two is a pack ‘n play. Having a safe and secure place for my child to sleep and take naps is so very important for me. I also often use a pack ‘n play for a safe place for my baby to play and be near me when I can’t hold him, like if I get elbows deep in the kitchen helping the hostess cook or clean.

Here are more great tips on how to keep your child safe away from the home from the Safety 1st expert, Julie Vallese. These are great tips that I’m going to start incorporating to make traveling easier with my 15 month old son.

Tips for Safeguarding when you are Away from Home

By Julie Vallese, Consumer Safety Expert for Safety 1st

The holidays have arrived and whether you are celebrating in your home or as a guest with friends and family, make sure to keep a close eye on your little one.  If you are traveling this holiday season, it’s easier than you think to keep baby safe in someone else’s home.

While you are packing your suitcase, plan ahead and pack a safeguarding essentials kit. In the kit you should include: outlet covers, door knob covers, and corner cushions.  If you are driving and have room in the trunk a gate is another great essential to bring with you.

As this home may be new to baby expect that he or she will want to explore every room. Therefore while celebrating away from home making sure outlets are covered, is an easy a non- intrusive way to safeguard. It’s important to create off limit rooms, such as the bathroom or laundry room.  This is where a door knob cover can come in handy. Easy for guests to still use these room, but harder for baby to go where she shouldn’t.

As a rule someone should be watching baby at all times, but if possible put up a gate in from of all stairs. Additionally, asking your host if it’s Ok to put corner cushions on sharp tables edges will be easier than asking him or her to remove the table. Corner cushions go on and come off easy.

The holidays are supposed to be entertaining so remembering these tips can help keep the holiday safe, as well as fun.

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch (rather than read) her tips here:

How do you keep your baby safe while you’re traveling?