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Spring Fun & Favorites for Families

Spring is a wonderful time for new adventures and new favorite must-haves. We’ve collected some of our new-found favorites for our families, our styles, our homes and wanted to share them with you. Whether you’re ready to spend more time outside together or want to cozy up flipping through family memories this Spring, you’ll love these top picks!

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Spring Favorites

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own.

Springtime Fun Outdoors

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families mobo trition

What kid (or adult) wouldn’t love to hop onto a fun three-wheeled cruiser? The Mobo Triton was designed for kids ages 7-12 and up to 5’2″ and 200lbs. It easily adjusts to grow with your child and give them years of fun cruising around the neighborhood.

They’ll sit back in the Mobo Triton seat and steer the rear wheels and be off down the street getting exercise while having fun. No more worries of staying balanced on a traditional bike, they can confidently take off in the Mobo Triton Cruiser with no experience! It includes a flag and reflectors to help keep them noticed while they ride. Then, they can easily break with the caliber hand brake when it’s time to stop.

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families rollerskate nation

The kids will be begging to get outside to skate and exercise with these fun picks from Get your youngest skater started with the Lenexa Go-Gro Adjustable Quad Skates Combo with sizes as small as 8-Junior. You’ll receive adjustable skates that will grow with them and keep them safe with the included pads for their knees, elbows, and wrist!

The Pacer Comet Lite Kids Light Up Skates have wheels that light up as they spin! They are easy to get on with a velcro and lace closure with a perfectly sized fit and ankle support with a slim and stylish profile. If your child prefers rollerblades, try the Lenexa Viper Adjustable Inline Skates. They’ll fit through a few different shoe sizes to work for multiple children in your household at the same time!

Favorites for Tech-Free Family Time

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families unplug box

Make screen-free time a priority with your family with the help of this functional and darling Unplug Box by CadesandBirch on Etsy! Personalize this wooden box perfect for stashing all the family tech with your own phrase, quote, or your family name under the engraved “unplug” graphic.

The Unplug Box has a cut out hole at the back to corral all your charging cables. It can easily store tablets up to 10″ as well as a variety of phones and gaming devices all in one place. We have our set up in our room to charge our kids tablets and safely store them when it’s not tech time in our home. The Unplug Box makes it easy to see if all our kids tablets have been returned for the evening and to keep them charged when not in use!

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Ravensburger

Our favorite way to enjoy tech-free fun as a family is with puzzles and games like those offered by Ravensburger. Pull out a puzzle to work on together as a family like the Escape Puzzle: Forbidden Basement with a fun escape room challenge built into the puzzle scene. Or, let the kids work together on the Queen of Dragons 200pc puzzle with it’s beautiful scene. Ravenburger puzzles are my favorite because the pieces are very nice quality and easy to put together.

Pull out Quest for El Dorado: The Golden Temples which adds a whole new adventure to one of our family’s favorite games to play together! You can play this new title on its own or combine it with either of the previous Quest for El Dorado games for more variety! The kids will be head-over-heels for this Minecraft: Builders & Biomes where their favorite video game comes to life! They’ll work to collect rare blocks and of build structures in true Minecraft style.

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Eblox

My boys absolutely love exploring LEGOs and we have found the greatest LEGO enhancer toy to get your child thinking and exploring. My two boys ages 7 & 11 have not stopped playing with E-Blox since we opened the box! Their favorite part is exploring with the different box, creating toys that light up or make sounds. their creatures can have flashing eyes, parts that spin and even a working FM radio!

There are three product lines (circuit, power and story). Both my boys absolutely love the Circuit Blox because it incorporates switches, lights and noises. In the Circuit Blox, there are 72 different projects that your child can build in this kit or create their own designs. The Power Blox are tin-plated so you can connect the blocks to a battery block without wires to light up different lights. The Story Blox line takes your child on an adventure with Seymour and his robot Robyn through QR codes and building models to investigate a mysterious light. These E-Blox series take your block building play to an entirely new level!

  • Shop all the options of E-Blox

Family Health Essentials for Spring

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families 4 person emergency kit

We never know when the next crisis will hit our area, but we can be prepared and have peace of mind to take care of our families by thinking ahead. American Family Safety is making it easier than ever to prepare for emergencies with their pre-assembled kits for the home, office, car, even kits for school and pets!

Included in their Premium Emergency Honey Bucket Kit is everything you need for 4-people all stored inside a dual purposed Honey Bucket with toilet lid to take care of even the most basic of necessities. The kit includes food bars, solar blankets, water, dust masks, ponchos, first aid kit, flashlight/radio, utility knife, and much more!

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families DoFasting

Have you heard about the latest craze? Intermittent Fasting can be a really helpful tool to help you manage calorie intake and lead a healthier lifestyle. To help you stay on track and motivated, DoFasting can help! You’ll be able to select your fasting schedule with a variety of options from the most popular 16-Hour fast to alternating days and more.

The DoFasting app can also help you select healthy meals and snacks to keep you on track towards meeting your health and weight goals. You can set up an easy workout schedule with exercises you can do from home. Bring it all together to easily track your weight loss, fasting times, with meals and exercise to make healthy steps forward this Spring!

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families bubs

Have you heard of all the benefits of Collagen? BUBS Natural Collagen Protein Powder is already popular with professional athletes for its many benefits. Now, the newly refined formula is designed specifically for women! Try BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein Single Stick packs to easily add the perfect portion into drinks, protein shakes, baked goods, pasta dishes, and more!

The collagen in these easy to use packets will help encourage digestion, improve join health, while strengthening and supporting your skin, hair and nails. It also can help with a faster recovery time after exercise. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body but the production of collagen slows naturally over time. Adding it back in with this tasteless, soluble formula can help support your overall health and wellness goals.

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families

We’ve been hard-hit this winter with sicknesses in our family and the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner has quickly become one of my favorite mom-tools of the cold/flu season. I am not a doctor and cannot quickly tell the difference between a cold and flu and the TemporalScanner has really helped in figuring out if my child is running a fever with a gentle stroke across their forehead. It doesn’t irritate my child and quickly allows me to see whether they’re running a fever or not.

The TemporalScanner has been clinically tested and accuracy compared to other thermometers out in the market and is an ideal thermometer to use for your entire family (newborns-adults). The TemporalScanner will quickly become one of your mom-tool faves this year too! They are available all over (Target, WalMart, Costco, Amazon, etc.)

Spring Fashion Favorites

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families LUCY PARIS DOROTHY SKIRT WHITE 800x

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe leading into the warmer months. I love the midi lengths for this season when the weather is still mild – not too hot and not too cold. Lucy Paris has the cutest dresses and skirts to fit anyone’s style. Like their Dorothy Skirt that is white with playful little black dots scattered across the skirt. It’s feels comfy and casual to wear with the elastic waist and pleated design and can be dressed up or down for the occasion.

The pretty Cyra Lace Wrap Top is perfectly multi-functional, too. Wear it to work or dress it up for a night out on the town! The ruffled sleeve and v-line neckline and delicate lace details makes it feminine and stylish. At Lucy Paris you’ll find thoughtfully designed pieces that will make you feel pretty and sophisticated with dresses, tops, and bottoms to choose from.

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families KBN 3036 1200x

If you have any upcoming travels planned, look into the Grand Travels TSA Backpack by Solo New York. It’s sized to fit the size requirements of the budget airlines that restrict your complimentary luggage to just a personal item as long as it is not over-stuffed. It unzips like a carry-on suitcase making it easier to pack and live out of while on the go.

Another perfect choice for spring is the Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote. It can easily transition from a Tote bag to a Backpack as needed to make it comfortable to carry whatever you have on hand. With the flexibility to go hands-free, you’ll be able to take this bag anywhere you go this season!

Home Favorites for Spring

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Google Doorbell

Upgrade your home with this brilliant smart home addition – the Google Nest Hello Doorbell! It will be easier than ever to know who’s at the door, without giving away that you’re home with the use of the app to view the live camera feed. You can access 24/7 streaming and video recording to catch package deliveries, know when your children arrive home safely, and catch anything suspicious happening at your front door.

The Google Nest Hello Doorbell records in HDR video quality to see all the details clearly, even in bright or dark areas. You’ll get alerts right to your phone and can communicate or listen to those at the door with the HD Talk and Listen. You can even use prerecorded messages. Then, link your Nest Hello with a Google Nest Hub to easily view your video doorbell right from the display with ease!

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Cuckoo clock

A Cuckoo Clock is something that I’ve wanted to own since I was about 5 years old. I’ve always been intrigued by the actions that happen every hour from the clock. They are always so beautiful and an attention grabber in any room.

We’ve found some of the most amazing cuckoo clocks by that are absolutely beautiful that add a fun element to your home with a wonderful vintage feel. The 5 Leaves Cuckoo Clock adds to any room in your home. Beautiful wood, unique design, battery operated, I’m sure your family will fall in love with this timeless piece of art as much as mine has. My littles race into the room as soon as they hear the cuckoo to watch the delicate bird peek his head out.

Share Your Spring Memories

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families Skylight 1

Our family is in love with the amazing picture frame from Skylight. It is so wonderful to keep extended family connected even though we live states apart. The Skylight Frame is not your regular digital picture frame. It is a WIFI-enabled touch-screen picture frame that allows you to email photos from your phone or computer directly to the frame from anywhere in the world!

I especially love that all four of my siblings can email my parents’ Skylight Frame our family adventures and keep my parents in the loop even though we all live so far apart. It is the perfect size for our house, it sits in our entertainment center and is always a topic of conversation. It is the perfect gift for any loved one and a super-fun way to showcase our family pictures that normally would be stuck forever on my phone.

Spring Fun & Favorites for Families motif 2

One of my favorite ways to freshen up the decor on my coffee table is by displaying my Motif picture books. Perfect for showcasing your fun Spring break memories, Motif allows you to create picture books, calendars, and prints all on their app; which means, you can do it from your phone!

Something that really sets Motif apart is how easy it is to create photo books. Simply choose your desired book size, photos, and watch your photo book come to life. You have the ability to choose desired layouts, or use the pages they put together for you. Motif truly makes great quality books highlighting your favorite memories.

  • Visit Motif to download their app and start a photo project

Which of these spring favorites would help your family for the upcoming season?

Lisa Joy Thompson

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

I absolutely LOVE the Unplug box. We're super mean and won't let our kids have phones, but most of their friends have phones. When they come over, I make them leave their phones in the kitchen. This is what I need to use instead.


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

A big puzzle is exactly what we need right now! My whole family will be happy to make it!


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

I really like the Skylight frame. It's awesome that the pics can be sent from your phone. My grandparents had a cuckoo clock. I should get one. It would drive my husband crazy. lol


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Everything looks so great. My kids have some of the circuit blox products too. They have a lot of fun with those.

Celebrate Woman

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Spring fun outdoors is one of our favorites. So many things to do! Just run, play tag, power walk – the list is endless.

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