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Swimming Lessons!

I enrolled both my boys into Survival type swim lessons where they learn how to get to the edge of the pool and get out. The teacher is great! They are a christian family who does the swim lessons out of their home pool. Day 1 they were mostly getting used to having their face wet and being under the water and grabbing the edge of the pool. Day 2 the teacher actually threw them in and they had to get to the edge (though they were still only a foot away from the edge).
Day 1
Day 2
Can you hear him say “I don’t want you to push me”? The teacher had been pushing his bum to help him get to the side as he wasn’t kicking great but he wanted to do it himself! SOOO unlike him (at least in the water)! Usually he CLINGS to us and won’t go off the steps!
Can’t wait to see where they are by the end of the 6 classes! Are you doing swim classes with your kids this summer?

Shop with Me Mama

Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

Swimming lessons is one of the best things you can get your little kids in while young. I want to get my kids into one over at the YMCA. :)


Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

We've gone back and forth with swim lessons or the ISR. I just can't do the ISR so we are doing the swim lessons now and survival lessons later on.

Montessori For Learn

Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

I wanted to so bad - but the economic downturn hit us and we are going to have to wait. I love swimming and the pool looks so refreshing. Hopefully, next summer we will be doing the same! Good Luch

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