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Power Rangers Free Letter for Kids!

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There’s a whole new line of Power Rangers toys out just in time for the holidays. My boys all have fall birthdays, so we are gearing up for birthday season here in my home. The first of our fall birthdays is just 2 weeks away, so it is perfect timing to create an easy customized letter for him from one of the Power Rangers!

Look how cute his card turned out:


You can create your own customized letter and pick your child’s own favorite Power Ranger to feature on the card. You can create a card as a birthday letter, congratulations letter, or a simple greeting letter.


I remember watching the Power Rangers when I was a kid, so it’s fun to see them back in action again now 20 years later for my own kids. I couldn’t remember what each of the different rangers stood for, except for the Pink Ranger being for the heart. This is a helpful guide to show you what trait each of the rangers really stands for and rallies behind.


Of course, when you combine all of the Power Rangers unique abilities and talents together, they always made a super character to battle evil. Now, there’s a cool new toy out that reflects just that incorporating all of the rangers into Megazord including a Super Mega Saber and Super Mega Blaster. You can play with Megazord all together or play with the 5 Zords separate for individual play.

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Who is your favorite Power Ranger?


Monday 29th of September 2014

My favorite was the pink power ranger. I watched this when I was younger. Now my kids love it.

Mary O'Malley

Friday 29th of August 2014

What a cool thing! I loved the Pink Power Ranger when it first came on, before the million different spin offs and sequels. I actually didn't know this show was even still around.


Thursday 28th of August 2014

That is really cool. I just heard kids talking about the Power Rangers, I didn't know they were still going strong. Cool.

Megan @mnmspecial

Thursday 28th of August 2014

I remember the boy I babysat loving Power Rangers. I think his favorite was the red one. My kids just aren't into them yet.

Travel Blogger

Thursday 28th of August 2014

These are so awesome! Kids will love getting a personalized letter from Power Rangers.

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