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Swimming Lessons Continued!

We had our final swimming lesson class today. It was 2 weeks long 3 classes a week! I forgot my camera today but I have clips from Day 3-5!** PS ** The talking in the background is NOT me and pardon the screaming baby.. she doesn’t like the classes! lol! It’s not coming from either of my kids!
Day 3
Nate Swimming
I didn’t catch Tyler’s on day 3 because usually they go in 3 times and will sit out a few minutes in between but Tyler didn’t want to get out so they had a really long 2nd time and I didn’t think to grab the camera!
Day 4
Nate Swimming
Tyler Swimming
Day 5
Both (Nate at the back, tyler on the left)
Tyler actually RAN from the edge and jumped in yesterday expecting someone to catch him. They just turned him around though and made him get to the side by himself. He didn’t attempt that again! Nate used to be totally afraid of the water and would CLING to you the whole time or not go off the steps. Now he loves to play and will jump in on his own and turn right around and get to the side! He likes trying to dive down for toys as well, though he can’t do that on his own completely yet. The classes were great though! I’m definitely glad we did them!! Now I’m not worried about Nate being afraid of water (but still being safe) and Tyler is now much more cautious, or at least can do something about it if he had jumped in!