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July Garden Update!

I can’t believe it was a month ago I last posted about my garden! It was doing awesome until just about a week or two ago and then the heat started to get to it. Our pumpkins went from growing awesome to completely dead two days later! And yes, we were watering them.
They did have some bugs on them though, so I think they weren’t helping the situation! Our heirloom tomatoes are now getting fried in the heat and shriveling and such. Our corn plants are starting to die as well.
Strawberries, Sunflower, Spinach/Lettuce, Peppers
The grape tomatoes are still doing pretty good, though a lot of the leaves are getting sunburned and we have to pick the tomatoes right away. One of our grape plants is doing AWESOME though and our strawberry plant is now sending out runners for next year. We’ll see if it makes it that long.
Our sunflowers got HUGE and their flowers were enormous as well and really fun to watch bloom, but the flowers didn’t last very long. Our pepper plants don’t seem to mind the heat and are still producing! That picture above is our Anaheim chilies. Also we have some spinach and lettuce growing – but VERY slowly. Not sure what we’re doing wrong with them, or if they just grow slow.


Friday 16th of July 2010

I wish I was more familiar with vegetable gardening. Can't believe tomatoes are already ready to pick - here we barely have blossoms. I'm in a Zone 3 area - which means VERY cold in the winter and barely any growing season. I was even putting flowers in the ground just last week. Wish we had a bit more of your sun and you had some of our rain, cloud, and wind!

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