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Wendy’s Pick 2 Menu Options

Wendy’s has a new make your own meal option on their menu called the “Pick 2” where you can choose one of 4 salads and then pair it with one of 7 side item choices to make a meal for just $4.99.

Wendy's Pick 2 Menu Options IMG 0642

Their salads include:

  • Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Baja Salad
  • Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
  • BLT Cobb Salad.

For your side option you can pick from:

  • Dasani water
  • Small Frosty
  • Small Beverage
  • Baked Potato
  • Small Chili
  • Jr Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Chicken Go Wrap

In all there are 28 great combinations to pick from!

I was given the opportunity by Wendy’s and The Motherhood to meet up with a group of fellow bloggers at a local Wendy’s to get to try the new menu. I was asked to bring along 2 friends and we were each given a $7 gift card to cover our meal to get to try the new Pick 2 Menu!

I picked the Spicy Caesar Salad which is served with a Lemon Caesar dressing, grape tomatoes, asiago cheese, and croutons. For my side item I choose the Jr Bacon cheeseburger.

Having children with me I also picked up two 5 piece chicken nuggets at just $1.29 each and a drink as well. I thought the salad was just okay. The chicken and the dressing were really good, but beyond that the lettuce and bowl just seems a bit plain.

I had a great time at Wendy’s though getting to meet several bloggers and enjoy lunch with my friends. My boys loved their nuggets and Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers (they are eating a TON these days!)

You can find the Pick 2 Menu at your local Wendy’s!

*This post is sponsored by Wendy’s.


Friday 5th of November 2010

I'd love to try the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad & small chili.


Friday 5th of November 2010

I would pick the Chicken Caesar Salad and the Chicken Go Salad. [email protected]


Friday 5th of November 2010

I am a email subscriber.


Friday 5th of November 2010

I am a GFC follower.


Friday 5th of November 2010

I would pick the Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad and a small Chocolate Frosty.

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