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Tips for Successful Studying

Here in Arizona, school starts in July or August. Kids just get into the swing of late nights and sleeping in (well some kids) and then right away they are back in school.  It takes a bit of work to adjust to the back to school schedule.  My son is a Junior in High School.  His nights are full of play practice and homework.  He really has to focus and study hard to keep his grades in check so he can continue to participate in the activities he enjoys doing.

I was provided with samples and compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Successful Studying

Making Time

Find a time that you can fully devote to studying. Even it’s a short amount of time, being consistent with what you accomplish is the important part.  Review the material as you learn it.  If you put aside what you learned until you get tested, you most likely won’t remember everything.  Review what you learned, the same day you learned it. Do a brief recap, add to your notes if needed, then move on to the older material.


Everyone has different ways to focus.  Some people have to study in complete silence, others prefer soothing music. Find a space that is free from external distractions. My son has the problem of 4 little sisters. His sisters love to be with him and to basically impede all his studies. He finds that if he stays in the library for a bit after school, he can plug his earphones in his ears (he loves listening to classical music) and he can study without any distractions.


Studying right before going to sleep is a great idea, but studying too late and skipping on sleep isn’t ideal.  Lack of sleep can effect your thinking skills and make it pretty hard to remember what you’ve learned.  It also can add to your stress level, and no one needs added stress!  Try to get at least 9 hours of rest, especially before a big exam!

Get Help

If you are having trouble with the material, ask for help.  Study with a classmate, or check with the teacher for tutoring times.  Many schools offer free tutoring in a variety of subjects.  You can also find great study helps online to help as well.  My daughter and I use the internet to help review math facts she learned in class. The step by step videos give her more confidence when she does her homework.

Neuro Drinks

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Neuro Drinks come in 4 different formulas to help where you need them. neuro drinks help, providing enhanced energy and focus, a protective dose of key vitamins and nutrients, a serene, calming mood, even a full night of restful sleep. In flavors like Tangerine Dream, White Raspberry, and Summer Citrus Berry, you get a delicious drink as well as the boost you need to get through!

Neuro is available in these amazing formulas!


Our proven popular sleep drink, combines the effectiveness of melatonin with L-theanine, magnesium and 5-HTP. Drink some at bedtime and you’ll fall asleep quicker, have more uninterrupted sleep, allow your body to recuperate, and wake up rested and restored. Millions of customers have tried and relied on neuro SLEEP. 


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Energy drinks are usually made by combining massive doses of caffeine, taurine, sugar and concoctions of B-vitamins. SONIC takes a different approach. Our controlled caffeine level is combined with L-theanine, choline alphoscerate and SerinAid® to help deliver energy and mental performance without the “jitters” or “the crash.” It’s the perfect early or late day drink and ideal when you need to focus. Many customers report they’ve made the switch to SONIC. 


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successful studying

I have been really bothered by the amount of energy drinks in schools.  My son has often consumed them help stay awake after a late night rehearsing for a play. I was really excited to see Neuro’s Sonic Drink had controlled levels of caffeine and no weird chemicals. They best part?  It’s safe for your family members over the age of 12, you can’t say that about other energy drinks. My son really enjoyed the Blood Orange Passion Sonic because the flavor was so unique.  My favorite was Neuro Sleep. I am terrible about just laying there in bed and tossing and turning.  Neuro Sleep tasted really great, had no medicine after taste (I hate that) and to my pleasant surprise, let me fall asleep! I really love Neuro because it doesn’t have a weird after taste associated with other “health type drinks” and that it’s only 35 calories!! I hate wasting my calories on drinks, so this fits right into my diet plan. I also think the bottle looks so sleek and super cool, my kids called them Space Drinks.

successful studying

You can pick up Neuro Drinks at the corner store or a grocery store near you.  Use their handy locator to find where you can grab some Neuro.

What are your successful studying tips?

Stefani Tolson

Sunday 31st of August 2014

These are great tips. The last couple years I have attended college I make sure to study daily instead of right before an exam.


Thursday 28th of August 2014

I was a huge studier and I agree with all your tips. In law school, I lived off twizzlers and diet coke and lost 10 pounds in month from the stress. Not recommended.

Amy Desrosiers

Wednesday 27th of August 2014

wow, our school starts super late compared to you!Must be the huge temp difference though!


Wednesday 27th of August 2014

i rarely get enough sleep. i wish i could but my mind starts racing when i hit the pillow!

Ann Bacciaglia

Wednesday 27th of August 2014

These are great tips. I have not heard of these drinks before. I would like to try the sleep one and the sonic.

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