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Pez D’or Maternity Swimwear Review

Pez D’or offers a line of designer maternity swimwear that takes away the frumpy styles and leaves you with something you can feel great wearing!

“We realized that there was so little choice available for expectant mothers looking for garments designed to compliment their curves throughout their pregnancy. Our range is chic yet practical, and with so many different styles and fabrics to choose from, there is something for every mom-to-be. Indeed, our garments are so flattering that moms will want to continue wearing them even after their babies are born!” – Montse Verdu, Chief Designer at Pez D’or

Pez D'or Love Boat Swimming Suit

Pez D’or Love Boat – One Piece

I’m now on my 4th and likely final pregnancy and definitely understand the lack of styles and great choices for maternity swimwear! I have a few other suits I’ve used from past pregnancies but nothing that made me feel comfortable and beautiful regardless of my growing bump. I couldn’t wait to try out a Pez D’or swimming suit and really enjoyed browsing all their selections and awesome styles! I immediately really liked a lot of the styles so it was hard to narrow down my choices. When the Love Boat one piece suit arrived I was really drawn right away to the soft and stretchy fabric that felt like a dream on! I also really adore the strap details with the buckles that make the suit look like so much more than a plain swimming suit. I started wearing this swimming suit at just 16 weeks when I had a small bump and it did fit but there was definitely some room to grow and a slight extra stretch and almost a bagginess in feel to the suit. It didn’t look baggy on, though. As my belly has grown and is now starting to fill out the suit it fits like a dream and I think I will be able to comfortably wear this suit all the way up through the end of the pregnancy. I also like that the top is a halter tie which gives room for a growing bust as well. This suit could probably be worn post-pregnancy, but I doubt I would wear it much as my body returns to normal as it does give that baggy feel as the suit is made to grow with a growing belly. I am very happy with the style, look, feel, and most importantly quality of my Pez D’or swimming suit!

Pez D'or Swimming Suit

You can find Pez D’or styles through a range of online stockist as well as occasionally through daily deal sites such as MamaBargains, Baby Steals, or Zulily.

Disclosure: I received a Pez D’or Swimsuit in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.