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Nighttime Routine

Right after my baby (now 7 months) was born, I remember the nurse coming into the room and saying that I would probably have to wake my baby every 4 hours to feed. Well, let’s just say that I never had to wake him-as a newborn, he didn’t sleep longer than an hour at a time. Life without sleep was SO frustrating. However after seven long months, with the aid of Pampers Sweet Sleep Time Products, I am proud to say that my baby is now sleeping through the night!

The trick to helping my baby sleep through the night: creating the perfect bedtime routine. After organizing a list of tasks for the evening, I personalized a routine specific to my baby’s needs. I religiously performed these activities at the exact same time every single night. With this routine, my son went from waking up frequently throughout the night to sleeping 9-11 hours straight.

Nighttime Routine

8:30 – Bath time
8:45 – Put on pj’s
9:00 – Story time; Some of my favorite bedtime stories include Good Night Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I remember reading these books at night with my mom and I love continuing this sweet tradition with my son.
9:30 – Feeding; Because I am still nursing my son, I give him some baby food in conjunction with the breast milk in order to keep his stomach full a little longer.
9:45 – Change diaper; I love using Pampers Baby Dry Diapers. They protect my little one from leaks for up to 12 hours. These diapers keep my son dry and comfortable and help him get the rest that he needs.
9:50 – Cuddle time in the rocking chair; I love snuggling time. I use this time to minimize the noise in my home and provide a peaceful environment for sleep.
9:55 – Turn nightlight on; Constellation B Glow Animals provides the perfect nightlight for my son’s room! This animal projects a starry sky across my son’s walls and ceiling. My son will lay in his crib and stare at the stars that light up his room. What an innovative way to help my baby not be afraid of the dark. I seriously wish I had a nightlight this cool when I was a kid.
10:00 – Set in crib
10:009:00 am – Sleep time (and one happy momma)

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers are such an important part of my son’s nighttime routine. These snug-fit diapers provide 3 layers of protection with their wide UltraAbsorb center. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers have extremely flexible sides that will move with your baby.Their fun Sesame Street design will provide your little one with 12 hours of leakage protection.


As a first time mother, I want what’s best for my baby; that’s why I fully endorse Pamper’s Baby Dry Diapers. I use them every single night before I put my son to bed and have never experienced any leaks-talk about amazing diapers!  I love the snug fit these diapers provide. My son is constantly moving; Pampers Baby Dry Diapers mold perfectly to his body. This secure fit along with 3 thick layers help relieve my fear of leakage. Before using Pamper’s Baby Dry Diapers, my son would wake up in the middle of the night with soaked pajamas and bedding. However, thanks to Pampers, I know my son will have 12 hours of unbelievable protection.


In conjunction with Pamper’s amazing diapers, we always use Pamper’s Sensitive Wipes. These hypoallergenic and perfume free wipes provide gentle care to my son’s skin. Using these alcohol free wipes when changing my son into Pamper’s Baby Dry Diapers, I provide him a dry and wonderful night’s rest.

For more information concerning Pampers Baby Dry Diapers ($8.97), visit their website by clicking HERE. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers can be purchased at Walmart, BabiesRUS, and Amazon.

I received product samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

Tanaya S.

Friday 7th of June 2013

I love their newborn diapers that have a color changing strip when the diaper gets wet.

Jill L

Friday 7th of June 2013

Love how easy it was to get info on the appropriate age.

Sandra Davis

Friday 7th of June 2013

i like how they have a great rewards program


Friday 7th of June 2013

I like how it encourages exercising while pregnant. thank you

Shelley P

Friday 7th of June 2013

I love the Pampers Rewards program!

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