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5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Laundry Routine (+Coupon!)

The new year is the perfect time to get serious about your laundry routine. Set up a simple routine and turn it into a habit so you no longer need to make a conscious decision about your laundry chore and instead get it done by rote memory! These simple tricks can help you speed up your laundry routine.

This post is sponsored by P&G. All opinions are my own. 

Save Big on a New Year
Laundry Routine

Tide just released a limited-time only coupon that can help you save big as you start up your laundry routine and habits for the new year!

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5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Laundry Routine (+Coupon!) tide powerfully clean

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tide coupon February 2019

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5 Tricks to Speed Up
Your Laundry Routine


1. Skip all the extra jugs with a 4-in-1 laundry detergent

Tide PODS are the perfect hack for amazingly clean laundry without all the extra fuss of a bunch of different cleaning products. The new Tide PODS Ultra OXI laundry detergent packs have 10x the cleaning power!

5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Laundry Routine (+Coupon!) TDE FOXY SUD ECOM SEC003

Each pac includes: 

  • pre-treaters
  • stain remover
  • laundry detergent
  • color protector

That saves you the hassle of checking for stains, scrubbing and leaving out any clothing that needs pre-treatment, and ditches the worry over color fade, too.

5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Laundry Routine (+Coupon!) TDE FOXY SUD ECOM SEC001

Tide PODS Ultra OXI works in both hot and color water and in standard or HE washing machines so you won’t need any other options. Just grab this one do-it-all laundry solution and you’ll free up space and hassle!

Tide’s new 2.0 PODS have been upgraded with even better stain and odor removal power giving you an efficient and easy option that saves you time! Tide PODS are rated as consumer’s #1 in Stain Removal, #1 in Odor Removal, and #1 Trusted laundry detergent in a Readers’ Digest survey!


2. Sort smarter, not harder

Sorting can take a lot of extra time when it comes to the laundry task ahead. Instead of sorting everything when you’re ready to wash, simplify your routine by sorting immediately when you have dirty laundry to put away.

sort laundry easier

You can choose a laundry basket that has clearly defined sections for sorting for your or simply keep 2 baskets wherever you stash your dirty laundry so you can toss the clothes into the right bin.

In my home, we sort whites, linens, and then everything else. I have two laundry baskets for all of the adult clothes in our master bathroom that cover our whites and all other clothing. Since I switch out towels and linens on wash days, I skip a basket for those all together to simplify the process!


3. Wash by family member, room, or purpose

While you are sorting doing the step above, consider also washing by loads that will simplify your sorting after the wash and dry cycle are complete. One of the biggest hold ups with the laundry chore is not getting the clothes into the washer or dryer, it’s getting them put away.

was laundry by person

By taking some time to think about your process and make your after sorting easier, you can save yourself a bunch of time and make motivating yourself to finish the task that much easier. For us that means I wash all of my boys’ laundry separate from the adult laundry. I also wash sheets and towel separate from other clothes.

When the loads come out, it’s really easy to fold a full load of towels and it’s much easier to put away my kids’ clothes (and the adult clothes) when they don’t have extras that don’t belong in the basket.


4. Pick a day (or two) of the week

The laundry task is much easier if you spend just one or two days a week getting all the laundry washed, dried, and put back away. The key to making this method work, though, is to stay on top of the task and never skip your scheduled day!

I set up alarms on my phone for every hour on my laundry day. This reminds me to switch the loads in a timely manner so I’m not spending my whole day doing laundry. I usually can get through all of our household laundry in 4-5 loads – one adult whites, one adult colors, one kid load, and 1-2 load of linens.

speed up laundry routine

To streamline the process even more, I start with any sheets or bedding that needs to be washed so they can get right back on the bed so I’m not scrambling to finish those in the evening.

Laundry is much more pleasant to fold and put away when it is warm and fresh smelling right out of a finished dryer load, so that really helps keep me motivated to finish the task.


5. Skip folding

Folding is by far the hardest part of the laundry routine and skipping it all together can really help speed up the process. Consider some alternatives to folding that might work for your family:

  • Sorting bins – Most kids clothes don’t need to be folded at all, just toss their clothes into a bin with one for tops and another for bottoms and call it a day. Another idea is to simply sort and let the kids fold their own clothes.
  • Hang instead – Use hangers as a faster alternative to folding. You can quickly sort out all the tops, then slip them onto hangers and hang them onto an over the door hanging rod or drying rack.
  • Roll the clothes – Fold pants and shirts in half, lengthwise, then roll them and stick them in the drawer. This is an easier approach that the kids can help you do and saves space in the drawer while making it easier to see everything at a glance so clean clothes don’t make their way to the floor (and then laundry basket) unnecessarily.


What are your tricks to speed up the laundry routine? 

Ashley Blegen

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

We sort our clothes in separate hampers for each of the colors and it really does help to cut down on time! We also leave our hampers in the laundry room and take our dirty laundry straight there. I am also loving your other suggestions. I love anything that helps cut back on laundry time!

Kathleen Bailey

Wednesday 6th of February 2019

Great idea with the alarms. I tend to forget to switch the laundry because it's in my basement so I don't hear it when it's done. I think that would help me get them down on time instead of rushing at the end of the day to finish what I started in the morning.


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

Great tips and thanks for the coupon. We just changed to Tide when we discovered recently so will buy an extra bottle.


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

These are great! SometimesIt can take hours for us to complete our laundry. These steps will definitely expedite it.

Kelly Stilwell

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

So many great ideas! Now that my kids are in college, it's a lot easier. I can't believe how much more laundry I do in summer!!

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