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Holiday Safety Tips with Safety1st

I received Advanced Solutions Products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Is there anything worse that sick kids, besides a sick husband that is? All joking aside, the only thing that helps when having sick kids is always being prepared to help them feel better. Safety 1st’s Advanced Solutions collection helps me do just that. From first aid to thermometers you can find what you need.

Safety 1st’s Advanced Solutions Collection was developed with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Each one contains a little cheat sheet of expert information from the experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Watch the following video for more detail on a selection of their products.

Thermometers Cheat Sheet:

  • For infants and small babies, the rectal mode is the method recommended by pediatricians and the @AmerAcadPeds
  • The Advanced Solutions High Speed Rectal thermometer features a flexible tip for comfort, a comfort guard to prevent over insertion, a quick 5-second reading, to help make the temp taking process easier for both baby and parent.
  • A thermometer that can test food and bath water is essential to make sure it’s the right temperature for your little one and never too hot.
  • A Temporal thermometer is a great solution for many parents who need don’t want to wake a sleeping child.  The Advanced Solutions No Touch Temporal Thermometer also measures food and bath temps, and beeps when thermometer is positioned correctly for an accurate reading.


Check out all the great Advanced Solutions products at Safety 1st here.

With the holidays right around the corner we are getting ready to get all the decorations out, Julie Vallese, Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert gives us the following safety tips to help keep our little ones safe this holiday season:

Dec the Halls…

The holidays are a time for food, family, gifts and decorations!  For many families, decorations are the highlight of the holiday season, but there are some important things to consider to keep your children safe when decorating.

Once all of your decorations are up, keep a close eye on children and the decorations themselves.  Your child will naturally be fascinated by lights.  Before you put the lights up check each set, new or old, for broken sockets, and loose connections.  Throw out damaged sets, and always replace burned-out bulbs with the same wattage bulbs.

Sometimes curiosity just gets the best of our little ones.  Make sure to keep decorations high and out of reach of small children.  I am always surprised how high children can reach when they really want something!

For a long time we had all been told that poinsettias are poisonous.  We now know that is not true, but mistletoe berries are.  It is best to avoid mistletoe completely with young children around.

Here is a video to learn more:

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Saturday 30th of November 2013

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