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A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place with Sauder

I received a Sauder Bookshelf in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


My daughter’s room is unique. We live in an average sized three bedroom home, her room happens to also be the guest room. When we first got her crib we ran into a problem, there was not enough room in the space for the guest bed and her crib!


In order to solve the dilemma, we ended up taking off her closet doors and making it a little alcove for her bed. I love the results, it really opened up the space, but now we have a different problem. The room has no storage! We have been doing fine with an armoire for her clothes, but now that she is getting older and collecting her own little things we were in desperate need for a cute, functional storage option.


I didn’t want just your typical book shelf that would need baskets or bins added to it to make it work for toys and smaller items. To be honest, I was not really sure what I was looking for, but when I came across the Pogo Bookcase/Footboard from Sauder, I knew I had found exactly what I wanted!


I love the bins on the bottom of this bookshelf. They are open on the top and hold a ton of stuff. They are the perfect hight for my toddler to throw her stuff in, she is totally able to get out what she needs and also put it away all by herself. That is the ideal feature for my independent little lady!


Our new Pogo Bookcase/Footboard came unassembled, in a box. It was super easy to put together, my husband did it with the help of my 3-year-old in about 45 minutes. It’s $110 price point is absolutely amazing for its sturdy construction and quality. It is a great piece that we can keep for a long time and can grow with her. Right now it holds some books, puzzles, and games on the shelves, and her dress-up stuff and dolls in the bottom bins. Someday I imagine it will contain all her secret treasures, but for now, I am so happy with the way it holds all her toddler toys.


Sauder carries an amazing selection of furniture. Looking for a sofa? Bookshelf? Table? Desk? They have them! Lots of very stylish options at the most affordable prices. Visit their website here to find a retailer near you! You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! 

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