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Ooka Island Review + Coupon

I received an Ooka Island Trial in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Learning to read is a huge milestone in a child’s life. As a former school teacher, I have seen first hand some of the struggles that kids face when learning this vital skill. There are so many ways to help a child begin the learning process or to help them continue to learn and grow into a good reader.


Ooka Island is one way to encourage your child to use the skills they are learning or have been taught. This downloadable computer application for PC and Mac is a learning to read adventure! With 80 hours of research based curriculum your kids are sure to find themselves engaged by the lessons and activities.


My 3-year-old loves to play Ooka Island. I was concerned at first that it might be over his head, but it is perfect for him! He loves the fun games and activities. One of the games, The Cave of Sounds, involves riding in a train cart and recognizing specific sounds  along the way, he thinks it is a blast. He loves to climb Alphabet Mountain and skateboard down after recognizing his letters. The games move at just the right pace for him, he would play all day if I let him!

In another section of the game the student goes “fishing” for a book and the book is read aloud to them. After it has been read they are expected to answer content based questions, if they answer incorrectly the page is reread to them until they find the correct answer. I think this is a great way to reinforce rereading to find answers or clear confusion, which is a huge skill for early readers.

The game features some in-game prizes that you can earn and then turn around and use to shop for extras and bonuses. This part of the game is still way over my little boy’s head, but the games are engaging enough that he doesn’t need the incentive yet. I think they would be fun motivators for an older student.

My favorite feature is the reports. As a parent I can log into the game and see his reports which let me know where his strengths and weaknesses are. So many computer programs out there make it hard to still be involved as a parent and that is not the case with Ooka Island.

My son loves this game and I have found that he is listening more intently for the letter sounds he knows. He is paying more attention to how reading actually works, and that is fun to see. I love that he is learning reading and computer skills as he plays. He had never used a mouse or trackpad before playing this game and is doing great with both. I think Ooka Island is a great value for everything offered and a great supplement to any reading program.


Subscripton prices vary depending on number of users and length of subscription. For a limited timeFor a limited time, you can get Ooka Island at 30% off! The discount is available on any subscription but is not valid on school licenses. Try it for for 14 days here!