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Coveted Things Review

I received a Coveted Things Blanket in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I can’t speak for all parents, but I know that when I found out my first baby was on the way I was deeply changed. Then when he was born and they laid him in my arms I looked at everything differently. It is such an amazing thing to love a little person so much. Being a parent is an amazing thing.

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It is no secret that I love to shop and that I want the best for my kids. I love to find the perfect clothes for them, books that fill their mind with good information and messages, and the softest blankets to snuggle up with at night. I know that “things” are not the most important thing in the world, but I hope that someday when they are older they will see how much time and love I spent looking for just the right things for them.


While reading a blog or something on the internet I saw this blanket and it honestly made me tear up a little. It took me a long time to become mother and that struggle will always be close to the surface of my emotions. This blanket conveys exactly how I feel about my kids, and I looked all over to find it! I found that it was made by Coveted Things, and that there were more just like it that were equally as perfect!



Besides the beautiful sentiment behind the print, it is made from the softest fabric, that only gets more soft with each wash. It is lightweight, which is perfect for our Arizona heat. I can still swaddle my kids and not worry about them being to hot. Plus, it doubles as a beautiful scarf for me! I would never have thought of using a swaddle blanket as a scarf until I saw this one!


This blanket has a retail value of $40 and can be found on their website here. They have several different styles that make it really hard to choose just one!