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Raising Good Citizens

When I was a little girl, my elementary school gave out awards for students that went out of their way to be good citizens. Good citizens knew the difference between right and wrong, helped others and were always kind to those around them. I have several of these awards in my scrapbook. When I became a parent, it was even more evident that our world is in need of good people and that raising good citizens begins at home. I was extremely lucky to have wonderful examples of good citizenship.

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Raising Good Citizens


I am thoroughly amazed to see how much people use words to hurt others. Although we always heard the “sticks and stones” analogy growing up, we have seen the evidence of the power of words. We should teach our children to use kind words when speaking to others. Even as simple as please and thank you, as well as what we should say when people are unkind to us. I had a wonderful example of this growing up. My father always spoke kindly to everyone around him. He still has a soft voice, and he rarely speaks in anger. I always try to remember his example when dealing with others.

Raising Good Citizens


Serving others is a great way to show kindness and compassion. Search your community for examples of ways to serve those around you. I have a friend that spends a week each month performing random acts of kindness with her children. One thing they do is leave happy notes and drawings in mailboxes for people around their neighborhood. It’s super small, but I know it brings a smile to those that find them.


We are the biggest example in our children’s lives. When we use foul language, our children do as well. Take steps to act the way you want your children to act. Be kind and help people around you, your children will notice.


Children often learn through play. We see that as we play word games and math games to help them remember what they have been taught. A Better World wants to use that same principle, and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a kid’s version of their Facebook game to a secure location online.

A Better World

A Better World creates Uplifting Games and Apps to Brighten the World. And kids brighten *our* world. We’re parents, too, and we love the enthusiasm, innocence, and energy of kids.

We want to make a game that brings out the best in our kids, helps shape them into positive people, and helps them make the world a better place. Our goal is to create an alternative to violent and time-wasting games. We want to use the immersive, imaginative, and interactive aspects of gameplay to help kids learn important values and good happiness habits while having great fun.

Kids will earn Do-Good Gold for Positive Actions and Positive Attitude and can use it to play at being adults. They can decorate their own home and visit friends, they can dress up in fun clothes and costumes, and they can even have their own pets to care for and play with! And in A Better World for Kids, the more good deeds they do, the faster and further they’ll progress! They’ll earn more points, unlock more features of the game, and even their house gets bigger!
A key aspect of A Better World for Kids is breaking the boundary between the real world and virtual world – kids are asked to do good in the game AND in the real world. Kids can also share and be rewarded in the game for real world good they’ve done. This is not just about sitting and playing on a tablet, but about going out in the world and doing good. Parents can even put in real world household chores for kids to do which earns kids Do-Good Gold in the game.

I had a ton of fun playing with the A Better World Facebook game. My girls helped me design a room, and helped me navigate around the neighborhood. They were instantly drawn to the game, and I know that they would love the kid’s version. I love the way kids can earn gold for the game through actual good deeds in real life.

A Better World has retooled it’s focus and decided to relaunch through Indiegogo. A Better World is now aiming to launch a tablet based game, and in conjunction Raymond and MarySue Hansell, A Better World’s CEO and COO, are launching the MeeMee and Peeps Match (their grandchildren’s name for them). They have promised to personally make a donation to children’s charities for every contribution made to the A Better World for Kids campaign on Indiegogo. For every contribution made to A Better World for Kids, Ray and MarySue will donate a 10% match of the amount pledged to two children’s charities, regardless of whether the campaign meets its goal and is fully funded, up to $10,000.

Click here to visit the Indigogo site and help A Better World. There are various levels to donate, but hurry, A Better World needs your help by January 4th, 2014

How do you encourage your kids to be better citizens?

Autumn @MamaChallenge

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I try to set an example by doing. However, I do try to give them opportunities for learning like this and will as they get older.

Mama to 5 BLessings

Friday 24th of October 2014

This is great! Love this idea, these days it seems like kids having changed. Great way to teach, correct and care about others.

Amy Thayer

Friday 24th of October 2014

We need to be better about serving others. It isn't that we don't do it, but we really need to be better about going out of our way to do it. To show our children how important and loved others are. I think my husband and I are very good examples in other ways: speaking respectfully and without foul language, being responsible about how we treat our earth, and more.


Friday 24th of October 2014

Whata great app and a great list of tips. I know I want my kids to live by these things.


Friday 24th of October 2014

From a young age I have tried to instill in my daughter the importance of serving and being kind to others. Helping whenever you see a need. I love your post. I wish more parents taught their children these important values.

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