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Fitbit Force Review

I received a Fitbit Force in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

2014 is on it’s way and just like everyone else I have goals to be more physically fit. I get to the gym on a somewhat regular basis, but thats about it. I need to be better at eating right and just staying active on a day to day basis. I love how my Fitbit Force helps me do just that!

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The Fitbit Force is a wristband that you wear all the time that tracks your everyday fitness. It tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. It continues working while you sleep by tracking your sleep patterns and even wakes you up with a silent, vibrating alarm. You can track your goals right on your wrist!

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The Fitbit Force syncs wirelessly to your phone and computer and from there you can view all of your data. This is so handy, and I love that you can add your friends and have a friendly competition to keep each other motivated. As a busy mom sometimes it can be really hard for me to keep my fitness on track and on my mind. The Fitbit
Force makes it so easy to motivate myself and stay active. Instead of sitting on the bench while my kids play at the park, I can get more steps if I walk around while they play and seeing it on my wrist reminds me of that! Just little things that add up to much bigger things!

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If I could change anything about the Force it would be that there is no option to just keep the time displayed on the band like a watch. Also, it syncs to my phone via bluetooth, but needs a small dongle that plugs into my computer to sync to it even though my laptop has bluetooth. Seems silly to me, but neither are deal breakers. I have tried several other bands that are similar and this one performs much better than the others and provides much more useful information. I recommend it for anyone looking for this type of device.

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If staying fit is one of your resolutions, you have to check these out. You can find the Fitbit Force along with their other products on their website or on Amazon here. The Force has a ARV of $129.95. Fitbit is giving one Fitbit Force to a very lucky A Mom’s Take reader. Enter below and start keeping track of your fitness!