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24 Hour Calorie Counter with SYNC Burn

I received a SYNC Burn fitness band in exchange for this post. All views expressed are entirely my own. 

It seems that my motivation to exercise comes and goes in spurts. I’ll workout 5 days a week for one to two weeks only to be completely lazy the third week. Sound familiar? I often seek motivation to get moving and stay active. Thankfully, my drive to exercise has significantly increased since using my SYNC Burn.


It seems that everyone these days uses fitness bands. Although I haven’t had much experience with other brands of fitness bands, I’ve had a very positive experience using the SYNC Burn fitness band. Adjustable to comfortably fit any wrist size, the SYNC Burn uses heart rate and movement intensity to track calories burned in a 24 hour period. The data tracked by the SYNC Burn wirelessly syncs to MyMapFitness where you are able to view the results of your daily activities.

Doubling as a watch, SYNC Burn also tracks distance, % of max heart rate, steps taken, date and time, includes a work out timer, stop watch, back light, and is water resistant. The SYNC Burn allows you to view your activities hourly or daily. Unlike most fitness bands, the SYNC Burn’s battery life lasts a full year. With seven days of memory, you can view your progress right before your eyes.


My husband and I love using our SYNC Burn; we always fight over who gets to use it. I love running outside in this fall weather and my SYNC Burn lets me know just how far I run and how many calories I’ve burned. Having those numbers just a glace away, I feel motivated to burn more calories and to run further than the previous day. Although it’s kind of a pain to have to hold down a button for a few seconds in order to get my heart rate, it’s nice to know if I am reaching my target heart rate. I love using the SYNC burn not only for my workouts, but to track my daily activities. Being able to view steps taken and calories burned throughout my day motivates me to live an active lifestyle.

To incorporate the SYNC Burn ($99.99) into your daily exercise regimen or to find a retailer near you visit