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SwaddleClub By SwaddleDesigns

I received SwaddleDesigns Blankets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As a new parent I feel like you can use all the help you can get! Am I right? Surely I am not the only one who got my newborn loaded in my car at the hospital who thought, “That’s it? I just get to take them home with me now?” I grew up around babies and was fairly confident in my abilities in handling a newborn, but as a new parent I think you just second guess every decision you make!


SwaddleDesigns comes to the rescue of new parents everywhere with their new SwaddleClub. The SwaddleClub is a genius idea that is incorporated right into their blankets. If you already have some SwaddleDesigns blankets you know that they have their super handy 123 Swaddle label that illustrates how to properly swaddle a baby sewn right into the side of the blanket. Now they have added a SwaddleClub label that allows you to access all the helpful material from SwaddleClub on your smart phone.


Membership for the SwaddleClub is free, all you have to do is sign up here. Once you have, you are free to access all of the wonderful features it has to offer. SwaddleClub features short videos and tips by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, MD. You may know him from his awesome book The Happiest Baby On The Block.


The SwaddleClub allows parents to stream full-length super-soothing white noise by the Happiest Baby to assess different calming and sleep sounds to discover which sounds help calm and comfort their baby. You can see instructional videos and tips about correctly swaddling your baby and much more. There is just so much information available and it is all FREE!

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SwaddleDesigns is featuring their new SwaddleClub label in a brand new Sunwashed Pastel Collection as well as their Classic Collection of Muslin Swaddles. I have the Sterling Muslin Swaddles and I just love them! They are the perfect weight. They swaddle nice and tight, and are super soft. But they are hands-down my favorite nursing cover. I live in Arizona so traditional nursing covers get so hot, fast. My oldest used to get so hot while nursing in public that he would get red and sweaty, and would actually refuse to eat! These blankets have saved my sweet babies from super sweaty eating as they still allow the air to circulate through their light fabric. This Sterling collection is a great gender neutral set that features stars, moons, and polka dots. Perfect for any sweet baby or mama!

SwaddleDesigns blankets are avaliable here and range in price depending on which style you choose. The Sunwashed Pastel Receiving Blanket is $25 and the Muslin Swaddle Blankets are $50 for a set of four.