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11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials

With Fall here, we’re bound to spend more time indoors and with our loved ones close by. Today, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite home and tech essentials that can make you will love adding to your own home. With favorites such as decor items to love and even smart tech for the home there is something for everyone in this post!

11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials

Favorite home and tech products to upgrade your space! We're loving these smart home features, cute decor, and home essentials!

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own.


Home Essentials You’ll Love

11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials bellacor

Do you ever want to find a unique, and beautiful, piece of furniture that fits your space just perfectly? Bellacor is a one-stop online retailer that has a huge variety of products for the home with everything from furniture and decor to lighting options and even products for the outdoors. At Bellacor, there are so many products to help your house become a home that fits your unique personality and style.

Like this beautiful Convenience Concepts Wyoming Antique Console, that fit exactly what I was looking for. I needed a piece that was very narrow to help our dining room not feel overcrowded, but that would add function and style to the room. This console table fit exactly the need. It can double as a serving buffet when needed and provides a place to stash a tablecloth in the drawer, when not in use.


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials 64905 inuse 2018 web 2

A home essential your guests will appreciate is keeping a quality, and durable, air mattress on hand for whenever company arrives. Intex offers a range of air mattresses to fit your different needs, such as the Queen Dura-Beam Premaire Elevated Airbed that comes with a built-in electric pump.

This queen size air mattress gives that extra bit of room, beyond the standard full-size air mattress, that makes this a comfortable choice for two. This model is also higher off the ground so it’s easier to get into, and out of. The sides and bottom are designed to be highly resistant to punctures and tears to help the mattress stay inflated and comfortable all night long. With the built-in pump, there’s no fuss at getting the mattress ready for use.


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials 6qte base all3

Take your kitchen up a notch with one powerful small appliance that will do it all! The Power AirFryer Oven Elite can act as oil-free air fryer, but also comes with a rotisserie and dehydrator attachments to give you so many more options! With the AirFryer, your food will cook on both the top and bottom for even cooking and the perfect crispy texture.

You can use the Power AirFryer rotisserie extras to make authentic kebabs, fry turkey breast, or make extra crispy chicken fingers with ease. Then, use it as a dehydrator to make yummy fruit and veggie snacks. Learn more about the Power AirFryer on their website!


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials Tenergy Otis

There is nothing better than nice clean floors. Except maybe when they’re clean and you didn’t have to do the work yourself. I think my house doesn’t really look clean unless the floors are clean of debris and crumbs. With kids, its difficult to keep the floors looking good though. My Tenergy Otis helps me with that.

Tenergy Otis is a self-cleaning robot vacuum that can be pre-programmed to clean your floors any time of the day. That means that you can program Otis on a cleaning schedule so your floors are clean when you get home from being away or make it so you wake up to clean floors. Otis can be programmed to clean just the edges of the room, double clean a room by going over it twice or several other modes to clean your house just right.

The Tenergy Otis is extremely simple to get set up and is very user-friendly. Grab a self-cleaning robotic vacuum from Tenergy and spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you want to do.


Smart Tech for Your Family

11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials 20180823 JL Philips 2 2324 V2

11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials 20180823 JL Philips 2 2324 V2

There’s nothing that can instantly turn a home into a party atmosphere as quickly as the lighting. The lights in our home really dictate the mood and energy in the home. We absolutely love our Philips Hue lights that let us set moods, play with color, and quickly and easily change the atmosphere with the help of the companion app in seconds.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started. It includes 4 standard sized E26 LED light bulbs and the bridge that helps you connect with the bulbs to adjust your settings with eases. There are so many different color combinations to choose from, and you can even sync your Philips Hue lights with music and movies to dynamically adjust your lighting.

The colors are amazing for the holidays, but even the whites allow you to change your lighting temperature throughout the day to help you wake up gently, get energized or relax after a long day. Head over to learn more about the Philips Hue lighting options!


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials V92 1

Make the most of your exercise time by being productive at the same time! Or, transform your workday into something more active with the help of a FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike!

The stationary exercise bike has wheels that make it easy to transport wherever you may need to help you multitask. Use the included desk or fit it below your existing desk with the desk-free option to fit your space. Squeeze in a workout while you work, read, watch TV, or browse the web.

The FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike is really easy to put together. The desk adjusts to fit right where you need it to, and it’s fun to work while pedaling along, and quite a workout! You can find FlexiSpot available on Amazon as well as directly on the FlexiSpot website. It even comes with a 30-day satisfactifation guarantee.


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials Garage Hub

Your home’s garage is one of the least secure and easy to access points in your home. There have been many times that I have woken up in the morning to find that a child put their bike away and left the garage door open all night. Plus, who locks the door from the garage to their house anyway…?

Chamberlain knows this and has superior technology to help combat this issue. Chamberlain’s MYQ Smart Garage Hub is a 21st-century wireless connection to your home garage. With an easy to set up wireless connection, you get real-time notifications and control of your garage door at your fingertips.

With the Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub, you will be notified when your garage door opens or closes. You can set times of the day for your garage to close and the lights to turn off. Ensuring your kids never leave it open all day or night again. You can even grab your kids a Mini Universal garage door remote for their easy access into the house. So small and easy that they can clip it to their backpack. You will be notified when they enter home through the garage from school.


11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials et7750 office designer 690x460 1

A fun way to dress up the walls of your home is through personalized pictures or artwork. Thanks to Epson‘s Expression Premium ET-7750 Wide-format EcoTank printer, you can print decor, photos, and artwork from the comfort of your own home.  Equipped with enough ink to print 9,000 pages, this cartridge-free printer is perfect for any home office.

If you were wondering if you heard me right, yes, this Epson Expression Premium ET-7750 Wide-format EcoTank printer is cartridge-free. Simply replenish the ink supply with easy to use ink tanks. Plus, each box comes with a 2 year supply of ink. When you do need an ink refill, save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles.

You know what this means? Affordable printing! Now you can print your own home decor and not worry about breaking the bank! Grab your own printer by visiting Epson.


Home Decor & Favorites

11 Favorite Home & Tech Essentials navis

Upgrade the look, and the function, of one of the most basic parts of your home – the doorknobs with this amazing swap. Yale Locks & Hardware has created the Pivot Collection Navis line of door levers that don’t need to be turned. Just push (or pull) and the door will easily unlatch letting you come and go even with full hands.

Navis Paddle is available in three different versions to fit your door needs – Privacy with a lock button for bedrooms and baths, Passage for Halls and Closets that don’t need a lock, and Dummy levers where only a pull is required. You can also select from three different finishes, to fit your existing hardware, including Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

This simple upgrade in door hardware makes it so much easier for children, elderly, and even busy parents can leave and enter rooms. You can easily update your doorknobs with the Yale Pivot Collection Navis Paddle in just 5 minutes!


Memory Foam Pillows

How well do you sleep at night? Are your pillows giving you the comfort and support you need to have a good night’s rest? Maybe you should give these memory foam pillows from Comfort & Relax a try.

These Air Cell Technology Memory Foam pillows from Comfort & Relax help you ease neck and shoulder pain throughout the night. They are easily height adjustable, making sure that your head and neck are aligned to your comfort. Easily adjust the height by removing or adding to the memory foam inside the pillow.

The 90% white duck down washable cover adds an extra measure of softness and comfort to these pillows. If your pillow is falling short and your sleep is suffering, then see what a Memory foam, soft white duck down pillow from Comfort & Relax can do for your sleep.


Scent packs

The scent in your home can severely add to the feel of your home. When our homes smell nice, they seem cleaner and more inviting. Not all areas in our home always smell pleseant enough to make us want to hang out in them though. Floral Simplicity Scent Packs are an easy wasy to fix that.

Floral Simplicity Scent Sachets are little pouches that smell fantastic. They work great in gym bags, lockers, drawers and even cars. Mine made my car smell like a carmel pumpkin truffle all summer long. They can go in the bottom of trash cans or laundry hampers to help keep odors at bay.

With stinky boys in the house, I’m sure you can think of many different places that could use a better scent. Floral Simplicity Scent Saches are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your home and make it a more inviting place to be.


Which of these home and tech favorites do you love best? 

Colin Matthews

Thursday 11th of October 2018

Those Navis Paddle door handles are such a game changer! They make bringing groceries home when you live alone so much easier. Although I'm still waiting for them to invent the door that will magically detect you have full hands and just open itself for you... :P

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