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5 Steps for Organizing Toys After The Holidays

The holidays with children are just magical. I adore their faces on Christmas morning as they unwrap their gifts. I have kids who love to play with toys, I mean REALLY play, our toys get a ton of use. They let their imaginations take over and they play really well together. After the wrapping paper has been cleared away, the boxes opened and toys pried from that crazy packaging, the magical day we wait all year for is over, we are usually left with a pile of new toys that need to find new homes in our kid’s rooms and closets.

I received compensation and samples for this post, all opinions and ideas are my own. 


Organizing and putting away toys can be tricky. You want everything to have its place, but it has to be accessible and manageable for little hands! Here are my five steps for really getting those toys in tip top shape for the new year.

Step 1: Purge


Every parent has their own style. Purge while your kids are gone or let them help out, it is up to you. I personally choose to let them help. Ever had the guilt of throwing away a toy and then catch your kid frantically searching for it a week later? It is brutal. I think it is so important to teach my kids that purging is good for you. You don’t have to hang onto everything forever. Giving their gently used toys toys to those who don’t have any will bring another kid so much joy.

Step 2: See What You Have


Now that you have cut back on what you have, take stock in what is left. Group like things together.

Step 3: Map It Out

IMG_1709 (1)

Now that you have your toys grouped make a game plan. What kind of containers do you need? What needs to go where? What gets used most often? Who needs to be able to access, or not have access to, what toys?

Step 4: Put Things Away


Decide what works where. Here is where I turn to my tried and true helpers: baskets, bins, and Velcro Brand® PRESS-LOK Bags. Isn’t it amazing how many accessories accompany some toys? My daughter’s gifts this year consisted mostly of Lil’ Woodzeez play sets and animals, think dollhouses for little forest critters. We also have a 9-month old who is very mobile. We needed everything in its place and out of reach.


We quickly divided all of the parts to her new sets into three piles- animals, furniture, and little pieces. I whipped out my Velcro Brand® PRESS-LOK Bags and of course there is a size perfect for everything! I love how heavy duty they are. I love that they open flat on the bottom so that they can stand up. I love that they seal tightly, but that my little girl can still get in and out of them easily when she is playing.


I used the same bags for games, puzzle pieces, even action figures. They work great in the bathroom and the kitchen as well, I even have one in my purse with my lipstick in it. Unlike other resealable bags, these are designed to be used over and over again.

Step 5: Label


Now that everything is in its place, make sure that it stays there. Make sure that it is labeled. If your kids can read, use words, I prefer to use pictures as well. Put everything away, snap a photo, print a picture, and there are no questions to how it should be put away correctly.

Now everything is put away, get it out and get playing! Messes are the best part of the fun.

How would you use Velcro Brand® PRESS-LOK Bags to keep your house organized?


Saturday 9th of January 2016

I would love to purge my kid's rooms! I do like these organizational ideas!


Saturday 9th of January 2016

I love these tips, now that I have a larger rental home it seems I need to get better at organizing toys as there is more space for the kids to stay unorganized.


Friday 8th of January 2016

Great tips! It's never fun to organize all the new toys after Christmas. We usually have the kids go through their old toys a week or so before Christmas.


Friday 8th of January 2016

These are great tips for organizing all the toys. I will have to try these in our house.

Autumn @Mamachallenge

Friday 8th of January 2016

There are toys everywhere in my house. This is great to know!

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