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Family Craft Projects that Make Great House Decor

Making craft projects with your kids can have so many benefits. There is the time spent together, the building of creativity, and learning art skills; but did you know that some crafts can become a beautiful addition to the décor in your house?

Coordinate and plan projects ahead of time. Make a plan for something that can be framed, placed on a mantle, or used as a centerpiece. Purchase or set aside only the colors that blend in the room or space you want to use it in and give your child guidance as to what you want. This will insure that your craft projects blend in with any theme. This works best with older children, but can be achieved by younger children with some adult supervision and assistance.

Here are some great family craft ideas that we are sharing with your today so that you can share some time and create something the whole family can enjoy.

Cherry Blossom Trees:

Cherry Blossoms Craft

Photo Credit: Alpha Mom

These beautiful cherry blossom trees can be achieved with very little art skill or expertise. Take an empty 2 liter bottle and use the bottom as a paint stamp to make the flowers.

Handprint and Footprint Designs:

Handprint Art Craft

Photo Credit: Pinterest

  Hand Art Project

Photo Credit: A Room Somewhere

 Footprint Art Craft

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Handprint and footprint creations are some of the most adorable artwork I have ever seen.  They are instantly recognizable and so representative of the love for your children; freezing their little size in time. Incorporating animals, characters, trees, or other abstract designs around your children’s hands or feet make for very artistic conversation pieces. Using colors that match your room will allow you to easily incorporate them into your room decor.


Nature Artwork:

Here are two great examples of projects that you can really get creative and imaginative with, but drawing skills are not necessary. The first is a tree for each season project; you can find twigs to use and then choose the elements for the leaves and glue everything together. The second is such a fun and innovative idea that is perfect for kids (and adult) with great imaginations. It is similar to how you find shapes in the clouds; you find shapes in the leaves and assemble pictures, animals, or characters with them. If leaves aren’t your thing, try shells!

Tree Art

Photo Credit: Craft o Art    

 Leaves Art

 Photo Credit: The Tunbridge Wells Mum


Recycled Tissue Box Picture Frames:

Tissue Box Art Craft

Photo Credit: WikiHow

This is such a great way to recycle products and make them useful. In some cases, you may not need to do anything to the tissue box design, but you can cover it with construction paper or paint your own designs and messages on the newly formed picture frames. This might be an especially fun project and inexpensive gift idea at the holidays when the tissue box companies put out winter or holiday themed tissue boxes.


Create a Fairy Garden:

Fairy Garden

Photo Credit: PinkandGreenMama

This is a fun and creative project with no right or wrong, just fun. Find inspiration outdoors and at the craft store for an adorable and unique playground for your fairy friends.


Light Bulb Planters:

Lightbulb Planter

Photo Credit:

 lightbulb ecosystem

Photo Credit:

Not only are these craft project environmentally friendly, they are pretty nice on your wallet too. The hanging chandelier type light bulb garden is a beautiful addition to your patio or front porch. These type of recyclable product designs also teach your kids a valuable lesson about reducing our impact on the planet.


Mint Tin Doll Houses:

Tin Doll House

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What a fun way to play with dolls again with your little doll! Old mint tins become little beds for tiny toy critters or dolls. There are so many fun and creative things to do with mint tins, so never throw them away, the reusable possibilities are endless.

What are your favorite house decor art projects?

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Saturday 27th of April 2013

I would have to say the wee mouse, is my favorite on Pinterest. I love them all really, lol - leaf art we are doing for sure.

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