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Fall Table Decor

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Holiday parties and dinners are in full-swing. You know what this mean – it’s time to impress! Although food and goodies are a significant part of fall celebrations, to me, table decor is equally important.

As I planned a fall dinner celebration, I wanted to create a rustic ambiance for my guests. Because I enjoy decorating AND saving money, I found all of my decor from second hand stores. I decided since I wanted to pull off a rustic vibe, I wanted to use burlap table cloths. Lucky for me, I was able to find 2 perfect table cloths at a second hand store for $3.99. For my runners, I used old curtains containing fabric with a little shimmer and a lot of texture. I folded down the top part of the curtain (where the rod goes) and no one knew my table runners were old curtains!

Fall Table Decor

fall table decor

For my center piece, I created 3 cake stands (with various heights) by hot-gluing ceramic plates to candlesticks. Finding 3 medium sized pumpkins, I spray painted them metallic gold and set them on top of the cake stands. At the bottom of the cake stand, I placed different sized mason jars decorated with lace, twine, old keys, and pearls. I have to say, when I lit the candles inside of the mason jars and turned down the lights, it looked beautiful!


Another fun way to showcase mason jars as part of your decor is by placing them in a long wicker basket full of corn kernels. By setting candles inside of each jar, the romantic glow of the light will help create the perfect ambiance.

Jar Decor

I hope that these fun fall table decor ideas may be of inspiration as you plan your Holiday parties and dinners.