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Establishing a Deeper Bond With Your Children

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Baby for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

With Mother’s Day fresh on my mind, I can’t help but think of the boundless love I have for my children. Before my sweet daughter was born, I found it hard to imagine that I could ever love another child as much as I love my son. I feel like a lot of parents have this concern, right??? However, the second my sweet little one entered this world, my capacity to love instantly grew and I found myself head-over-heels for my precious little girl. My two little children are my entire world. Because I want my children to always stay close to me, I have made it a goal to try and establish deeper bonds with both of my children.

Ways to Build a Deeper Bond With Your Children

How to create a deep, connected bond with your children. Fun ideas you can do with your kids that will help you connect and strengthen your relationships.

1. Have a date night with your child. Every month, we make it a goal to take turns taking our children out on little dates: special treats, dinner, park play date, movies, etc. Even though my daughter is only one, you can tell just how excited she gets to spend time alone with mom at the park!

2. Start a new hobby together. Whether it’s reading, dressing up, flying kites, coloring, crafting, find an activity that you enjoy doing together.


3. Have one-on-one time each day. Spend individualized time with each child every single day. Talk about life, learn something new, snuggle, and learn what makes each other laugh!

child bonding

4. Read books and sing together. My favorite part of each day is pulling out the book basket, having two little ones pile onto my lap, and letting our imaginations soar. After story time, we always take turns singing our favorite songs. Although my little girl is only one, she sure enjoys mimicking the actions to all of the song.

Establishing a Deeper Bond With Your Children l


5. Share common interests with each other. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love for Disney. I loved twirling in my princess dresses, singing my favorite Disney songs, and watching my favorite Disney movies. I am absolutely THRILLED to have a little girl following in my footsteps. My little girl absolutely adores everything pink, fluffy, princess, and Minnie Mouse related. It truly has been so fun to bond over something that we both love.

child bonding

A few days ago, we headed to our local Walmart to check out their Disney section. The second she spotted this pink Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Plush Blanket, she wouldn’t let go. She snuggled, hugged, and kissed her blanket all the way to the car. In fact, she insisted I open the blanket before we got to the car. Such a fun, soft, and sentimental reminder of my love for this little girl!

Establishing a Deeper Bond With Your Children l

Nothing is better than establishing those deeper bonds with your children. Be sure to head on over to Disney Baby at Walmart and browse their adorable selection of Minnie Mouse items!

How do you enjoy bonding with your child?

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Jane Allen

Monday 27th of June 2016

I love all the ideas you shared but my own kids are a grown a bit. I guess we'll have to look for ideas that are appropriate for their age and taste. Thanks for sharing!

shelley zurek

Sunday 5th of June 2016

Read books is the most amazing tips. For some kids it's the only time they sit still and will cuddle. I hope books are never replaced by digital. What a loss that would be.


Sunday 5th of June 2016

Lovely photos and a very important topic!


Saturday 4th of June 2016

Bonding individually with each of your children from birth is so very important. Equally important is maintaining that bond as your kids grow up into young adults. The lesson is: Communicating and bonding with children never ends in a parent's lifetime.


Saturday 4th of June 2016

I adore the date night idea. It's not often that children get one on one time in our busy life. This is a perfect way to keep the relationship open and strong. We unexpectedly have an alone time day with our 13-year old grandson today. Precious memories in the making!

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