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Visual Chore Cards Cleaning Routine

I got the idea for creating individual flash cards to create a chore cards system for my cleaning routine because I love checklists. I love being able to feel like I have really accomplished something without the only sign of a completed job just being a wiped down toilet seat. However, I wanted something more visual and more flexible to change as it might need to then a list. I also didn’t want to have to write a new checklist all the time with all my different cleaning routine jobs that needed to be done.

chore cards

Flexible Cleaning Routine with Chore Cards!

Creating the Chore Cards

I had decided to make a list of all the jobs that needed to be done around the home over a week, month, even tasks during the year like air filter replacements and rotating clothes from the closets for the seasons. Once I had my list, I assigned each weekday a specific room of the house. For example, Thursday would be my day to clean the bathrooms. I grouped together similar rooms as I work better when I’m doing the same job together. Then, instead of having to wash a toilet-a-day I could do it just one day of the week and thankfully be done! Plus, it makes it easier to gather together all the supplies I need for the area I’m focusing on and not have to worry about. I also included cards for my everyday reminders like wiping down the kitchen counter and taking vitamins, weekly reminders including taking out the trash to the curb, jobs for specific months such as replacing air filters, and so on.

I then organized my chore cards into a card box and created simple dividers separating my jobs out by categories such as day or frequency. When a cleaning day began, I’d pull out all the jobs I needed to get done that day and challenge myself to see how quickly I could complete them all or give myself reward incentives (yeah, those work for adults too!) if I finished all the jobs for the day. I’d start the day with 5 or so tasks specific to the days cleaning assignment and file them back away when I finished off the jobs for the day. It was so nice to see my chore cards dwindle away until I finished my last job and felt great knowing how much I had already accomplished!

Set up Chore Cards for your Cleaning Routine

Since I wanted the chore cards to be something that would last for a long time I also decided to laminate my cards with a home laminating machine. It was a bit of a task and definitely something extra but I love how beautiful my cards look and they stay clean, too. You could also fancy up your cards by writing with colorful markers or using colored index cards like I used on my kids chore cards. If you’re going to laminate your cards, try index card sized laminating pouches so they all end up uniform in size.


Chore Cards with Kids


Fun Chore Cards System to make chores a visual to-do list for kids!

I have four little boys ages 6 and under and sometimes it can be hard to motivate my kids to help me around the house. They LOVE their chore cards, though, and get excited to file them away and be able to show off all they’ve done! I included fun jobs along with their regular chores such as “Play with Daddy” that’s a great reminder to both my husband and my kids to spend some quality time together. Which, in this house that usually means wrestling, tossing kids onto a bean bag, or some kind of superhero action. I also chose colorful cards with a specific color for each of my boys so their cards are bright and fun for them and also easy for them to quickly notice which cards are theirs even if they are not yet reading. Also, come and print my free printable Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids list! Also come see my tips on how to clean your home quickly and easily!

What are your tips to help you remember all the cleaning jobs that need to get done around your home?


Saturday 11th of May 2013

This chore cards system looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Braswell

Friday 10th of May 2013

I like your idea! I usually make a list and try to do it all, or start again the next day!This is more do able and organized as well! Plus I like that your system can be stored and is permanent!

Renee Stacey

Tuesday 7th of May 2013

I pretty much just remember everything in my head, and I unfortunately don't have any chore system in place for my 5 yr old. This is an excellent idea, and I definitely want to try it!!


Jennifer D

Sunday 5th of May 2013

nice idea, you are so organized! I hate cleaning, but I love checklists and finishing tasks so this might actually help me


Sunday 5th of May 2013

I like this idea! It's so hard to get the kids do their chores sometimes.

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