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Traditions and Holiday Gifts for Pets!

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

Gunner, my chocolate lab, is quite a quirky dog. I get a kick out of him as I watch him go throughout his daily activities. His day usually starts by sunbathing in the corner of our yard for a few hours. After he has gotten his daily sun, he comes inside and sits by my feet waiting for me to finish my bowl of cereal (he knows he gets to have my milk when I’m finished). After a few rounds of fetch, Gunner is there for my toddler’s bath time, playtime, and family time. As I get ready for the day, Gunner waits patiently at my feet. To say the least, Gunner never misses a family event.


Being VERY involved in every aspect of our lives, Gunner enjoys celebrating the Holidays alongside the family. I enjoy spoiling Gunner on Christmas – his genuine excitement brings joy to the whole family. For the two Christmases that Gunner has been part of the family, we have enjoyed including Gunner in a few Holiday Traditions which include picking out holiday gifts for pets.

Every Christmas, we enjoy purchasing a foot long dog bone for Gunner. Gift wrapping this bone, we hide the bone somewhere in the house and let Gunner find his present – it never takes Gunner long. As he shreds the wrapping paper and sees his giant bone, Gunner wags his tail and runs in circles unable to contain his excitement.


The Holiday festivities continue as we put out a stocking for Gunner. When Santa comes, he fills this stocking with fun treats and toys. Some of Gunner’s favorite treats include Beggin Strips and Purina Treats. Instead of giving Gunner all of the goodies at once, we will give him a toy or treat every hour throughout the day; this helps the joy last the entire day. To conclude Gunner’s Christmas, we always give Gunner the left over meat from our Christmas meals. This year Gunner’s meal included bacon and pork roast – to say the least, he was in heaven.

5 Fun Holiday Gifts for Pets!

pet holiday gifts

I love including Gunner in fun family Holiday traditions; after all, pets are part of the family! Sharing similar feelings, Purina provides perfect pet food and treats to make your pet’s Holiday Season memorable. Does your furry friend salivate at the site of bacon? Then they will fall in love with Beggin Strips and Beneful Collisions. Reducing plaque and tarter build up, Beneful Baked Delights provides your pet with the perfect savory treat. Beneful Healthy Smile treats are another pet favorite; your dog will fall in love with this treat’s savory beef and cheese center.

With so many tasty Purina treats to choose from, your pup will thoroughly enjoy the Holiday Season. Visit your local Walmart or to purchase every item on your pet’s wish list.

How do you include your pets in fun traditions during the Holiday Season?