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5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver

I love to save money wherever I can, don’t we all? With most of our common expenses – groceries, gas, entertainment and bills – we know what the costs are and can shop around for the best providers.

But when it comes to prescriptions, we’ve too often just paid whatever price the pharmacy tells us we owe. Did you know there is a better way?

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How to save on prescriptions

RxSaver by RetailMeNot

I had NO idea that prescriptions have different prices at different stores. It makes sense, of course. But oh how this opens up a whole new area to find savings in my monthly budget! 

RxSaver is a tool created by the popular savings destination RetailMeNot to help you find and compare prices for your prescriptions at retailers near you. Plus, they can help you save on your prescriptions with coupon savings that work at thousands of pharmacies nationwide! You can find the RxSaver tool both on the RetailMeNot website and in an app!

You can try running your own prescription in this widget tool to see how yours compare! I used RxSaver to look up three prescriptions I have to fill every month. I was so surprised to see the results!

You can simply print off the coupon you’d like to use or save your ink and show your phone to the pharmacist when you pickup your prescription! It’s really that easy, nothing to register for or subscribe to – just search, save or print, and then use the coupon to save on your prescriptions!

Save Up to 80% on Prescription Drugs

Prescription Savings
Comparison with RxSaver

My 2nd son has Type 1 Diabetes, the type where his body no longer makes any insulin. He will need Insulin for the rest of his life. His chronic disease is in no way cheap, we spend thousands each year on Insulin, pump supplies, necessary testing equipment, and strips, and other supplies.

Could I really save money on a recurring expense that I thought I had no control over? 

Prescription #1: Insulin

I checked the RxSaver tool to see how the prices compare near me. My first prescription for the Insulin he uses was looking good, I already fill my son’s prescription at the least expensive location near us at our local Walgreens Pharmacy.

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver rx1

I was still shocked to see a price range from as low as $70.93 all the way up to over $150! These prices are based on coupons, telling me those aren’t even the retail out-of-pocket prices some consumers may be paying!

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver RxSaver 00111

Of course, with insurance, your out-of-pocket price might be higher or lower.

Prescription #2: Guanfacine

Next, I decided to check Guanfacine, our prescription for the generic version of Intuniv, that helps my two oldest boys manage their ADHD diagnosis. I thought the price range for insulin was crazy, but I truly couldn’t believe what I saw!

At my local Walgreens, Guanfacine prescription with a coupon would cost a consumer $92.87. There were so many cheaper options, I couldn’t even show you that price in the picture! And they aren’t even the most expensive location to fill this particular prescription!

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver

They are, however, more than 4 times more expensive than choosing a local grocery store chain, Harris Teeter, who can fill the prescription without your insurance for just $20.64! Costco’s price came in nearly as low at $21.04 in my area.

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver rx4

At that price, I could afford to pay for their prescription out-of-pocket, if I needed to. Especially at the beginning of the year where we pay for 100% of our prescriptions until we meet our deductible. A cash-pay option may be a better choice for our family.

Prescription #3: Sertaline

Time for one last check using the RxSaver tool. My boys also have a monthly subscription for Sertraline (Zoloft) that helps manage depression for my broody teen and anxiety for my afraid-of-everything diabetic.

The store I visit several times a month to pick up prescriptions landed squarely in the middle of the price range, this time. Walgreens price with the saver coupon is $17.67.

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver rx3

Other locations offer up the prescription for over $31. The Harris Teeter grocery store us once again came in the lowest with a price of just $6.91 with coupon!

Overall Savings Comparison with RxSaver

If we had to pay out of pocket for our prescriptions, as many Americans do, we would be looking at paying nearly $300 a month for these three different prescription medications if we didn’t make any simple changes of pharmacy shopping.

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver RxSaver 00114

With just a little effort, though, and the help of RxSaver we could save over half of our prescription costs each month and drop our total expense down to just over $125 per month. 

5 Tips for Saving on Prescriptions

1- Compare Prices with RxSaver

You can look for extra savings and help budget for prescription costs by using RxSaver before you head to a pharmacy.

Use their savings tool to compare your own prescriptions and find the best pharmacy locations near you to fill each of your prescriptions.

2. Ask about Generic Brands

Often, doctors will prescribe the name brand prescription drug. Don’t hesitate, though, to ask your doctor if a generic alternative is available. You can save a ton of money just by switching to the generic option!

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver RxSaver 00112

Not all generic brands will work the same for an individual as the name brands, though. Be sure to check with your doctor before adjusting any of your medications.

3. Compare Buying Quarterly

In some instances, it may be cheaper for you to purchase your prescriptions as a 3-month supply. Ask the retailers near you for a quote to fill your prescription monthly and quarterly before you decide.

Filling prescriptions once every three months also helps simplify the process for you!

4. Fill Prescriptions Regularly

If insurance is covering most of your prescription costs each month, take advantage of the coverage by filling non-perishable prescriptions as soon as you can! The benefit of doing so is you can build a small reserve of your important prescriptions to keep on hand.

5 Tips to Save on Prescriptions with RxSaver RxSaver 00125

Then, if a hard month ever comes up, you may be able to skip filling your prescription during that month and turn to your reserves for the non-perishable prescriptions.

5. Watch for Retailer Prescription Coupons

Sometimes, pharmacies will offer a coupon such as a free $20 gift card if you move your prescriptions to their location! That can sound like a complicated process, but you’ll just need to tell the new pharmacy where you are currently filling your prescriptions and they often can take care of all the paperwork to get your prescriptions sent to the new store!

Be sure to check any terms and conditions of the offer before you switch. But often, you only need to fill the prescription at the pharmacy once to qualify and can then go back to whatever pharmacy location you prefer!

What other tricks have you learned to help you save money on your monthly medication needs?

Ruth I

Saturday 13th of July 2019

Amazing tool that will help save great amount of money! Definitely helpful and a must-try!


Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Thanks for this post. This could be a huge money saver for so many people!

Brittany Putman

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

I love how easy this makes it to compare prices. I could definitely see us using this in the future!

Krystel | Frugal Living

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

This really is an awesome tool. I am going to use this for my grandparents


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

We have used this before. It has actually saved us a ton of money on some prescriptions.

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