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Advantages of a Prepaid Cellphone Plan

Getting ready for school can be exhausting. It seems like the list of things you need for you kids is huge. If you have older children, you may have decided that they will also need a cell phone when school starts. I know with me, my 2 older kids are always involved in some after school activity and need a way to get in touch with me when it’s time to pick up, or if they are staying later than expected.

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Advantages of a Prepaid Cellphone PlanCell phones are big responsibilities, and can be expensive. It can be a big investment, and commitment. But, there is another can choose a prepaid cellphone plan.

No Contract – One of the big advantages of a prepaid cellphone plan is not having to commit to a contract. You have more flexibility with your budget and with changing phones. You can also start and stop your plan without any consequences.

Financially Easy – Another advantage is there is no credit check or down payment needed to secure a plan and a phone. This is great especially if you are requiring your teenager or child to pay for their cell phone/plan. Prepaid cell phone companies often have bargain priced phones, or the ability to use an existing phone with a SIM card from their company. You are stuck with paying for an expensive cell phone every month (like on many contract plans).

Great Plans – Many prepaid plans have a certain amount of minutes tied to the plan, this also includes the amount of texts that can be sent. This is perfect for teens. Teens are notorious for going over their plans…this way, they use up their minutes/texts..then they are used up, unless they pay for more. Definitely a great way to teach responsibilities.

Active When You Want – Prepaid plans also allow you to skip months of activation. Did your kiddo have a terrible grade on his report card? Don’t activate it the next month. You won’t be paying for it, and they won’t be able to use it. Also handy if you are having your child/teen pay for it. No need to worry about charges being added to reactivate a cell phone if it wasn’t paid for on time.

GIV Mobile

If a prepaid cell phone plan is really right for you, one of the most unique and exciting services out there is GIV Mobile. GIV Mobile is the first no-contract mobile service that doesn’t just provide great mobile communication, but it is also dedicated to giving. GIV Mobile gives 8% of each monthly plan amount to a non-profit organization of the customers choice. Mercy Housing, American Forests, Alzheimer’s Association, Scholarship America,, Kids In Need Foundation, The Conservation Fund, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and The Humane Society are the wonderful charities GIV Mobile donates to.

GIV Mobile says  “We not only want to donate 8% of your monthly plan amount to great causes, we want to create a community that is aware of and engages in national and world-wide problems that so many people have to face today. Together we commit to making positive changes towards a better world.”

Now, we know they have a wonderful philosophy, but let’s talk about the plans available. GIV Mobile offers no-contract service on a Nationwide 4G LTE network. With unlimited plans starting at $20, you are bound to find something in your budget. GIV Mobile has phones to buy, or if you have a phone that takes a SIM can purchase a GIV Mobile SIM card and plan. It really couldn’t be easier!

My teenager was in dire need of a phone, his schedule is crazy and he is often out and about for rehearsal (most recently all the way across town in a production of Les Miserables).  I was really impressed with the quality of the phone, I guess I had an image of a prepaid flip phone in my mind. GIV Mobile had already activated and installed the SIM card in the phone, so within minutes, my son was able to start sending out his new digits to all his friends.

GIV Mobile

My son tweeted this picture out with his new GIV Mobile phone…he was so excited to be able to connect quickly with his friends! (This is my 16 year old baby boy!)

I’m also super impressed with the service. The only other non contract plan I had in the past often dropped calls or left you without service in certain areas. Since I live in the Phoenix Metro Area, honestly this is pretty inexcusable. We have had great service with GIV Mobile! My son has been able to get in touch with me from his gigs downtown (he plays the bass in a band), and from his friends house on the outskirts of the city.

It’s really great to know that with great service, you are also giving back. It always seems that cell phone companies are out for a pretty penny, but with GIV Mobile, actually knowing they are giving back to people in need, puts a smile on your face and honestly…you brag a little bit.

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donna richie

Friday 17th of July 2015

I like the no-contract service

Amy Deeter

Friday 17th of July 2015

i just love the fact that you don't have to have a contract

Amy Deeter

Friday 17th of July 2015

i love the fact that you don't have to have a contract with them !


Friday 17th of July 2015

i really like the savings!

Stephanie Phelps

Friday 17th of July 2015

The thing that I like the best is no contract and the 8% of monthly plan amount goes to charity

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