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8 Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed at School

The school year is kicking off and with it is a brand new chance for your kids to make this year a success. This is especially true, if the previous school year was a struggle. You start the year off with a new teacher, a new assortment of classmates, and a fresh start.

This post is sponsored by Odom’s Tennessee Pride. All opinions are my own. 


My 8 year old struggled last year, and early on got labeled as a “class clown” and couldn’t recover from this label. It wasn’t like the teacher was picking on him or setting him up for failure, but once he knew the class thought of him as such, he lived up to the name. Both his teacher and I have encouraged him that he can make this year different and make this year a success.

8 Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed at School

1. Good Breakfast – Studies have shown, when kids are hungry they have a hard time focusing and learning. Schools always make a big fuss about ensuring a good, filling breakfast the week of testing. It’s just as important on each day of the school year, though, to start your kids day off right with a breakfast that will give them the best opportunity to learn. Odom’s Tennessee Pride makes yummy Sausage & Buttermilk Biscuits that offer a filling breakfast while being super quick and easy! Because the snack size sandwiches are full of protein, they will stay full and satisfied until lunch.

Odoms 04176-2 2. Prep the Night Before – Getting as much as you can ready for the morning hustle done the night before will help you wake up and not feel stressed and rushed. Instead of running around and feeling unprepared, if you have most of your prep ready the night before your kids can enjoy the morning and start the day feeling happy and relaxed. Check out our 12 Back to School Hacks post for some ideas to speed up your routine.

3. Respect Teachers – If your child can learn early to be respectful and quick to listen to their teachers, they will have a much more successful year. I’ve seen first hand that showing that respect to your teachers will give you just a little bit of leeway, understanding, and mutual respect. If something comes up, your teachers are more likely to be understanding and give you a little big of slack or assistance when needed if they feel you are open and respectful towards them.

4. Read Daily – Your elementary aged children will probably come home with a requirement for nightly reading as part of their homework. Whether it’s part of their homework, or not, encourage and push reading as a part of every single day. I saw a chart one day about the number of words a child will read and learn if they read 5 minutes a day versus 20 minutes a day. It is amazing what a difference in the total words read, and of course that number drops to zero when they skip reading. But it’s more than just words, they learn to spell, write, imagine, build sentences, dream, and gain new perspectives.

5. Be a Good Friend – Everyone needs at least one good friend. Someone they can turn to when they are having a bad day, a friend to help with areas of study they are confused about, or just have their back when something goes wrong. Teach your children by example and encouragement to be a good friend to everyone they meet and make friendships that will last by being loyal, dependable, and honest with those they meet. There is something powerful about having a friend that can change a kids entire attitude about school if they’re struggling to want to be there.

6. Check-in With Your Kids – Our kids spend so much time away from home and off at school that it is absolutely crucial that we take time to find out about what is going on in their lives. Ask questions, listen to their stories, get to know their friends, do anything you can to find out what is happening. This will give you insight if something starts to change that you can notice and figure out what is going on early in case there is a fight with a friend or a new group of friends that are a bad influence that will let you step in and help your child when they need it.

7. Plan Time and a Place to Study – It’s really easy to walk in the door after school and before you know it the evening is already over and the homework pile was left undone. My boys prefer to have a bit of time to run and play and unwind after school and not rush right into homework. This is okay, and a great outlet for kids, as long as you plan a specific time for them to study and stick to it so it doesn’t get left undone. Another key is having a specific place for your child to work on homework and focus so they don’t get distracted or careless.

8. Teach & Practice – Find out what areas your child is struggling in and make time to help them. That can be as simple as quizzing multiplication facts on the drive to school or spelling words out as you style their hair or it can take on a more serious role as needed. If you are confused by their subject, look for a tutor or have them buddy up with a classmate. You can also help your kids cement the new information they are learning by asking them to teach you. Having to teach someone about what you have learned really builds that comprehension and is a proven way that can help some people to retain information – and it’s a great communication builder, too!

Odoms 04145-2

We have been keeping our fridge stocked with Sausage & Buttermilk Biscuits snack sized breakfast sandwiches by Odom’s Tennessee Pride. They are wonderful for fast forwarding our morning routine. Since everyone loves these yummy sandwiches, we can skip the debate on what’s for breakfast. They cook fast in under a minute in the microwave and can be taken on-the-go without any mess. They also double as an after-school snack!

Odoms 04179

By starting their day off right with a breakfast that feels like a home cooked meal and fills them up keeping them satisfied until lunch, I know my boys are on the right track each morning. A good breakfast is literally the easiest swap you can make to change your child’s entire day.


How does your family plan for a successful school year?

Julie Wood

Wednesday 16th of September 2015

A healthy breakfast is so important, and so is making sure to read and have a good relationship with your teacher!


Monday 7th of September 2015

Aren't those adorable? I'd love to have my kids give em a try - I bet they will love them


Monday 7th of September 2015

Love this list especially number five. It really does make a difference to be a great friend, it really goes a long way and will be remembered

Jennifer Pridemore

Monday 7th of September 2015

These are some great tips to make sure your children succeed at school! And those Tennessee Pride breakfast sandwiches are a staple in our house - we love them!

Kristin Wheeler

Saturday 5th of September 2015

My kids love these! They can even stick these in the microwave in the AM and make them before school.

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