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4 Reasons Why the Right Bra Matters

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

A bra is truly one of the foundation pieces of your wardrobe and can totally change the way your outfits look. It’s important to not just grab a random bra from a store and assume it will be the right bra for you. Picking out the right bra matters, here are some of the reasons why!

4 Reasons Why the Right Bra Matters

Right Bra Matters

Comfort – It is essential to find a bra that both performs and is comfortable. This shouldn’t be a one or the other scenario. You can’t settle for a bra that is super comfortable but doesn’t support you or vice versa a bra that’s too tight, restricting, or had underwire digging into you. One trick for a more comfortable bra is picking out one with wider bra straps. This Vanity Fair bra I’m wearing is wider than traditional straps, but won’t look strange if your strap slips into view.

Vanity Fair 04413

Lift – A lot of bras out there won’t give you any lift. If you’ve had babies or are nearing mid-life or older, than this little factor matters! Your bra can help you fit your clothes better and give you confidence, but only if it is doing its job! You want your breasts to be sitting halfway between your shoulders and elbows.

Coverage – This can mean picking a strapless bra, when your outfit calls for it, but also means how much volume the cups can hold. Look for a full coverage bra if you don’t want to reveal any skin or select a modern coverage cut, just knowing their are two main options is important for making sure you feel covered, when needed.

Presentation – The ultimate goal of a good bra is to make you look and feel your best. This really comes down to making sure you’re wearing the right size bra and one that will give you support and a seamless, smooth look.

Vanity Fair 04406

Wearing the wrong bra can give you an undefined look. This bra above made me look flatter, more wide all around, and gave no definition or shape.

Vanity Fair 04408-001Switching to a Vanity Fair bra totally transformed my look. It gave me lift, definition, comfort, a seamless look under my top, and gave me a boost of confidence, too!

I love my Vanity Fair Body Caress Full Coverage Bra! It is so comfortable and gives me complete support. I was impressed that it was an underwire bra that wasn’t poking into my ribs. I didn’t even realize it was an underwire bra when I first put it on, I had to feel the bra to check! You can criss-cross the straps to fit different tops, as need, which is a neat feature. Plus, it’s tagless, so no itchy back! It’s truly amazing how the right bra matters and can totally change the way you feel.

Vanity Fair 04415

Vanity Fair pays attention to what their customers need and want, and build their bras to fit our modern and practical lifestyles. Combine that with meeting the latest trends and styles, you can feel stylish and confident in your look from the start.

Vanity Fair has an awesome resource for helping you find your perfect size with tips along the way. Visit their Support that Fits – Fit Calculator tool to help determine your bra size and then take on your own bra fitting challenge to see if Vanity Fair is the right bra for you. You can find Vanity Fair bras (approximate retail price $40) at retailers nationwide including Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and Sears in sizes from 34B up to 44DDD.

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