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Get “Picking” Locally!

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

I LOVE garage sales! Nothing is better than finding that steal of a deal garage sale with just the things you were looking for. I also sometime shop thrift stores as well. This past week, I had a load of clothes to take over to the Goodwill after cleaning out my closet. Once I drove through the donation line and grabbed a tax donation receipt, we headed inside for a bit of shopping. I was hoping to find a nice plant to add to our bathroom and some great dishes to give more variety to my food photography when I share a recipe. I didn’t need anything from a set, so shopping at a thrift store was the perfect place to find what I was looking for.

Thrift Store Pickers

I found a couple of flowers but this one above I really liked! It was the most expensive of all the options I founds that would have worked for my space, but still it was under $5 for this really cute vase with flowers that would have cost me over $20 elsewhere. It didn’t fit into my bathroom the way I hoped, but it is perfect for in our bedroom to add something near our mirror! I love what it added to the space! As you can see above, I also got some really fun dishes for my pictures! My favorite find is that white bowl above with two side handles, it’s so unique and will be really fun for the right food! Since my oldest was along with me while we shopped, we had a great time talking about what I was looking for and what the store does to help out the community. We also picked up a game for him and dad to play together, Stratego, which make the shopping trip fun for him, too!

I’m not the only one that likes “Picking”! Have you seen the show American Pickers? Kid Pickers™ is encouraging children to explore their communities as well and find the history and appreciation behind the people and objects in their communities. It’s a great way to encourage hands on learning and fun by getting them out with you to find awesome deals, cool stuff, and learn something too!

Capri Sun Big Pouches make taking kids drinks on-the-go even easier with re-closeable pouches and a sleeker larger design great for kids of all ages! They are available in three great flavors: Fruit Punch, Maui Cooler and Strawberry Kiwi. Grab one for your early morning garage sale hunts and start picking!

What is your greatest “pick” to date?