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Ready for School (Beyond just September!)

I received a gift card to Kohl’s to help prepare for back to school as a thank you for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.

With Labor Day behind us, our kids should all now be back in school. With school season here, you need to make sure you have all the essentials for your kids on hand. One thing I noticed last year, my son’s first year of school, was that we need a backup lunchbox, a few pairs of shoes, and school uniforms ready in the next size up.

Kids grow like weeds and it can be hard to find uniforms in the middle or end of the school year. Plus, lunchboxes are bound to be forgotten a time or two and shoes can wear out quickly with all the play. Another back to school essential is having a good backpack. Letting your kids pick out their backpack helps them to express their unique style, especially if they wear uniforms to school.

I learned a few tips from last year on how to really get ready for school, prepared enough so that you are ready for whatever comes past the first few weeks of school.

Ready for School past just September


Tips to Stay Well Stocked Through the School Year

  • Load up on school supplies – Teachers will often ask for extra supplies through the year. Picking up extras while they are on super sale prices will keep you from running to the store to help out. The most requested extras are Kleenex, Clorox wipes, glue sticks, and crayons.
  • Think about sizes – Kids grow quickly and you’ll want their school clothes to last through the year. If your kids are close to changing sizes, look for styles with adjustable waist bands and size up, if you can get away with it. Or, just buy a few essentials in their current size and stock up on the next size at the same time so you are set as soon as you notice the tight waistband or too short tops.
  • Extras, Extras – Having a backup water bottle, lunchbox, and other essentials will ensure stress-free school mornings as you won’t need to scramble to find the missing lunchbox, which in my experience is most likely hiding in the car.
  • Grab a Sharpie – Start labeling everything that heads to school including shoes, shirts, sweaters, lunchbox, backpacks, etc. If it makes its way to school, write your child’s name on it with a permanent marker. This will help it get returned to your child if it’s found lost or avoid it getting snagged from the lost and found pile.
  • Pairs of shoes – A single pair of shoes probably won’t make it through the school year because kids are tough on shoes and they play hard at school. If you pick up a couple of pairs of shoes, not only will they have more options but since the shoes will be rotated more frequently, they should get you through the year.


Back to School Beyond September Picks

You can see what we will be stocking up for when Back to School shopping this year, that will help me be prepared beyond just the first 2 weeks of school. I love the modern style of the Packit Mini Cooler that will help us save money by packing our own lunches. I also wanted the OXO Mini Clips set to show off his school work and keep important papers from getting lost. can help you maximize your money while shopping for Back to School with their exclusive coupon codes and promotions. Their offers are easy to sort through and quick to apply.

How do you prepare for school without needing to restock throughout the school year?