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6 Fun Learning Activities for Toddlers

As a little girl, my mom would designate a certain period of time each day to learning. During learning time, we would do science experiments, art projects, book activities, flashcard games etc. She made it such a fun and exciting experience that I developed a love for learning at a very young age. Because of my mom’s great example, I’ve decided to carry on the learning time tradition with my own kids. Hope you enjoy some of our very favorite learning time activities!

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6 Fun Learning Activities for Toddlers

1.Sensory Beads: We love sensory beads at our house! There are so many great activities you can do with your children to help them learn through sensory play. A few of our favorites include talking about different measuring tools (teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, etc) and counting to see how many water beads can fit in each measuring tool. You can also organize water beads according to color groups, talk about the colors in the rainbow, and make the outline of different shapes with the beads. The options are endless.

2. Flash Card Scavenger Hunt: Hide flashcards around the room. Have your child go on a scavenger hunt to find the flashcards. In order to be able to retrieve the flash card, they must be able to tell you the correct number or letter that appears on the flashcard.

3. Block Shapes: Outline basic shapes with tape on your floor (square, rectangle, diamond, etc). Talk about the different shapes. Have your child use blocks to fill the outlined shape.

4. Don’t Eat Pete: Choose a small amount of lettered or numbered flash cards that you’ve been working on. Line them up in rows. Place a small piece of candy on each flash card. In your mind, designate a certain card to represent “Pete.” Your child then chooses a flash card. If it isn’t “Pete” then then tell you the correct number/letter and get to keep the piece of candy. Their turn ends when they choose “Pete” in which you say, “Don’t Eat Pete!”

5. Number/Letter Adventure: Pull out the binoculars or magnifying glass and go on an adventure around the house looking for letters or numbers. When your child spots one, talk about that letter/number. They can also write down the letter/number that they found.

6. Music Time: Music is a great way to enhance your child’s learning experience. I find that my children often learn best, and remember what they’ve learned, when associated with a song. In fact, I find that my three-year-old daughter prefers learning songs and nursery rhymes through entertainment like ChuChu TV.

Ranked 42nd most subscribed Youtube channel in the world, ChuChu TV helps babies and toddlers learn important social skills (such as manners, sharing, learning from mistakes, etc) as well as letters, numbers, and nursery rhymes through fun, colorful, and exciting videos. Although there are SO many fun ChuChu TV videos, here are a few favorites your kids will love:

The Joy of Sharing



For a more comprehensive list of songs, information about their app, cd, and merchandise, you can check out ChuChu Tv‘s website. You can also check out the ChuChu TV Youtube Channel. Talk about such a fun way to make childhood learning exciting and memorable!

What is your favorite way to help your child learn?


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