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4 Mind-Blowing Bacon Ideas

Everyone loves bacon, right? Bacon is all the rage right now which leads to it showing up in the most unusual, but surprisingly delicious, places! You no longer have to stick with bacon only in your breakfast menu, and these ideas will prove it! Read on for four delicious bacon ideas that will truly make you rethink how you enjoy your next slice of bacon.

4 Mind-Blowing Bacon Ideas

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Listen, I’ve seen some stuff: A spaceship riding on top of an airplane. Pasta shaped like Minions. A cat playing the keyboard (thanks, internet). These amazing bacon ideas are just about on the same level (you know, roughly).

Bacon Cupcakes Recipe

1. Bacon Cupcakes

Maple-Bacon Brunch Cupcakes: Let bacon take your taste buds on a breakfast-themed sweet-and-savory adventure. These ingenious cupcakes star crunchy, chopped-up bacon in the batter, along with maple syrup and cereal. A dollop of quick-and-simple cream cheese frosting is the icing on this cake, and another little piece of bacon is the cherry on top.

turkey wrapped bacon

2. Woven Bacon

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Chipotle and Orange: Simply wrapping things in bacon is Bacon 101 (still delicious!), so take things to the next level with a woven bacon lattice. Remember when you learned basket-weaving in summer camp? This is just like that. Except edible. It’s never too early to start planning your Thanksgiving menu, so take note! But you could also use this technique on a whole chicken or even a pork loin for double-pork deliciousness.

bacon breadsticks

3. Bacon Breadsticks

Peppered-Bacon Twists: After many years of breadstick history, you might think that they’re about as perfect as they could be. You would be wrong. This twisted version features a delightful ribbon of bacon and a coating of brown sugar and black pepper for a sweet and sassy kick.

how to bake bacon

4. Baked Bacon

How to Bake Bacon: Put away your cast-iron skillet, because this bacon-baking hack makes it simpler than ever to get crispy-crunchy perfection with very minimal effort. You may remember we talked about how to cook bacon in the oven before, but we’re doing it again because it’s JUST. THAT. GOOD.

Now that your creative (bacon) juices are flowing, check out our other ideas for making the most of this wonder-food: Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers, Bacon And Chicken Recipes and, of course, Bacon And Pasta Recipes.

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Ellen Christian

Thursday 12th of November 2015

Those bacon breadsticks would be popular here. Definitely have to try those.

Clair B.

Thursday 12th of November 2015

I was just having a conversation yesterday about how bacon makes everything better. I've been wanting to try the bacon bread sticks for awhile now.

Debi- Lifestyle Blogger

Thursday 12th of November 2015

I love bacon. Bacon everything. I have never thought of putting bacon on the top of the turkey before. I have made the basket weave for my sandwiches though


Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Bacon and cupcakes, two of my favorite things. I can't wait to gobble them all up!

valmg @ From Val's Kitchen

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

I like baking bacon because I hate the splatter that comes when you fry it. I've made bacon breadsticks but these look prettier. I make bacon wrapped meatloaf, try it some time!

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