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Sponsored Video: How Do You Change the World?

This post is sponsored by Unilever

When I tuck my little boys in at night, it always makes me realize just how little they still are. I look back and them and blow them a kiss as they giggle and start blowing their own kisses to me. They look back at me, totally happy, and I know they will sleep good tonight.

If there’s one thing about the world I wish I could change is the life that some children live. Everyone should have access to the basic needs of food, water, shelter, health, clothing. But especially the children. I can’t even fathom any of my boys going hungry or not having a blanket to keep them warm at night. It just makes me so sad to think about that there are children that don’t have the things they need.

This video is so motivating, this is the world I want to live in!

When a storm with thunder starts to roll and my 3 year old sometimes comes running into our room scared. I am always glad to know that we can wrap our arms around him, hold him close, and offer him all the safety and protection he needs just being there in our arms. It may not always be that easy to help the people across the globe that need our help, but we have to try and give of ourselves when we can. ProjectSunlight is all about making that everyday difference in the little ways that we can.

Are you inspired to make a difference?