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Creating a Peek a Boo Book

Peek a boo

This is a great way to use all those Scrap Booking goods you have lying around.

To get started you will need:

  • A pre-bound booklet, or flyer that you got and have lying around.
  • Pictures of the people you want in your book
  • Pre-text your photos before printing them, it makes this project easier
  • Glue
  • Scrap Booking paper, or just construction paper will work
  • Scissors, or cutter and cutting mat

So first off you need to take pictures of the people you want in your book.  One picture with their hands covering their face, and the next with them off saying peek a boo!


I went to a photo editor system and pre-texted my photos.  The one with the hands on the face, I put, Who is it?  The other with the face uncover, I put, It’s   _______ the name of who it is…

I was able to print these off on my new printer.  It worked really slick.  After you get these printed off. You then start working on your book.


I had an old health charting booklet that was bound, and I have never used.  It has way more pages than I needed, but I was able to cover them 2 at a time, this makes the pages stronger, and they won’t tear out of the booklet so easy.


After you locate a booklet to use, you need to get out your scrap booking paper that you want. Measure the size you will need, when folded in half so that you can sandwich 2 or more pages together.

P1090810After you cut to size, fold each piece in half.  Then glue them over the outside edge of how ever many pages you are sandwiching in between.


 I used spray adhesive.  I have never used this before, it worked really slick for this project. But if you don’t have it glue, or a glue stick should work.  Just make sure it is strong enough that it will stay.


I then went to my computer and printed off two sheets of card stock that said Peek A Boo!  Cut them to fit the booklet and now I am all set to finish constructing my book.

On the cover I put one of the Peek A Boo’s

On the inside of the next page I put a picture with the face covered.  Then peek a boo its …… And so on through out the booklet.  The children in my care loved this book.  They all feel like readers, because they all know the words, even though they might not be able to actually read yet.


This is a great idea for a very personalized gift for the young child in your life.  Really a great memory book for children that are coming in for the holidays that you might want to send this home with.  You can pre-make the book except for the pictures, then while they are in for the season, take pictures of everyone and glue them in….. It is only limited by your own imagination.  I hope you make one, and above all else, enjoy life, and have FUN!



Peek a boo

Made from the 12″ by 3 3/4″ strips cut away for the other book.  Fold each strip in half, you can use 2 together, punch holes, 5 across the folded end, in each set of 2, stack, weave together with a ribbon or yarn. print off small pictures, 9 to a sheet of 81/2″ x 11″ paper.  Print off Peek a boo’s to fit the paper.  Put together.  Just a smaller version for a second child, or if you do not already have a pre-bound booklet to work with.  Again, Have Fun!  Granny

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