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Family-Friendly Retirement Party Games & Ideas

Retiring from the work force is another big step in life, and a perfect reason to THROW A PARTY! And what fun would it be without retirement party games so the whole family can have a great time? It is great for kids to celebrate this new stage in their Grandma’s or Grandpa’s life, and recognize what an accomplishment that is. Our family recently had Grandpa join the retiree ranks, and we had all the extended family come over and celebrate with us.

Know someone retiring soon? You're crew is going to love these family-friendly retirement party games and ideas for a big hit of a party!

Easy Retirement Party Food

We opted to serve some of Grandpa’s favorite party foods: DIY sandwiches, watermelon wedges, veggie tray and spinach dip with crackers. We also had a variety of lemonade and sodas for everyone to enjoy throughout the party…and CAKE! Every party must have CAKE!

Decorations for your Retirement Party

We used our games AS decorations.

We covered the walls with interactive games that people could do throughout the evening.

retirement party games

Since this party is a Family Party, the grandkids were all involved in decorating. They created the banners, hung the balloons and streamers, and added their own touch throughout the place. (sometimes it is so hard to relinquish that part to the kids, but I promise, their creativity goes a loooooong way with grandparents!)

Retirement Party Games

The games we came up were games that all ages could participate in, and centered around our recently retired Grandpa:

1. Pin the Retirees on their Vacation

retirement party game ideas

Our Grandpa happens to love Harley Davidson motorcycles, so we thought it only fit to put him and Grandma on a Harley for their upcoming vacations. It was a HUGE hit! We found the map at Walmart and printed out some motorcycles onto cardstock and replaced the heads.

fun retirement party games


2. What time does “Retired” Grandpa wake up?

retirement party ideas

Printed an empty clock face off the internet, and everyone filled in the time they thought he woke up now. We asked Grandpa what time he got up that morning to determine the winner.


3. Dress Grandpa in his new daily attire

funny retirement party games

We printed out blank people outlines for this activity and let everyone’s creativity be their guide.

This was Grandpa’s favorite activity. Everyone had a different idea of what Grandpa should dress like now that he no longer needed to dress in “business-casual” every day. We definitely got a variety–from scuba gear to underwear, biker vest to sandals with socks.


4. Find Grandpa a new hobby

retirement party games for kids

With all his spare time, he was going to need some new hobbies. We created the labels, taped them to water bottles and added glow sticks for the rings. Fixing’ the Harley WON! but Naps was a close second.


Don’t Forget the Family Pictures

With our family, anytime you can get everyone together under one roof, family pictures MUST be taken. It is a lot of fun to look back at those pictures and reminisce about the day.


A Toast to the Retirees

Everyone was able to share their feelings about how great Grandpa is and how much we all appreciated him, even down to the youngest at 4 years old! It was a great way to cap off the party and end with sharing our love for Grandpa.

retirement party toast


Our retirement party was a fun event for all ages and everyone LOVED celebrating our Grandpa and his accomplishment. 

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Saturday 24th of June 2017

These are really great ideas! Retirement parties are really fun! Definitely saving these ideas for later!


Saturday 24th of June 2017

These are so fun, love them!! What a time to celebrate!! Congrats grandpa!


Saturday 24th of June 2017

What a fun way to celebrate retirement. I bet there were a lot of laughs to be had.

Shelley R Zurek

Saturday 24th of June 2017

THese games are hilarious and fun. I really like your version of pin the tail on the donkey.

Dawn McAlexander

Friday 23rd of June 2017

Congratulations on his retirement! The party looks like a super fun way to celebrate his retirement. All the decorations look super!

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