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10 Tips for Saving Money with Back to School Shopping

Getting supplies ready for going back to school could be expensive but Staples is trying to help by hosting a campaign with back to school tips for saving money while getting ready for back to school! Here’s my 10 tips!
1. Shop around for school supplies – Many stores have a weekly really low priced item such as ruled notebook paper, pens, binders, etc. If you look for the lowest priced items you can find some really great deals!
2. Look for Free after Rebate items – Several of the stores also offer rebate programs where you can get school items for FREE or really cheap after the rebate!
3. Look for clearance clothing – Stores will often discount clothing at the end of the season so you could stock up now for next summer’s clothes and wait a few months into the school year (if you can get by) and then stock up on back to school clothes as they hit the clearance racks!
4. Look around your house – You likely already have a lot of the things your kids need – pens, paper, backpacks, as long as the items are in good condition they don’t need to be brand new!
5. Swap with friends – Have your children swap clothes, backpacks, and school supplies so they feel like they have something fun and new that doesn’t cost you a dime!
6. Buy a lot – Be sure to get enough items such as 1 subject notebooks to last you through the school year as you can get significantly cheaper items at the start of the school year then during the year.
7. Price match – Some stores like Walmart will price match ads of identical items! This could save you from running around to multiple locations but be sure to check your store for their policies as some will not match items with a limited amount to purchase.
8. Search online for coupons – is a great website to find coupons good for many online retailers. This is a great way to get free shipping or a percent discount when shopping for things such as clothing!
9. Take the list – Take a list your child received with the supplies they need, or look one up online to be sure you have all the things they will need and you’re not forced to run back to the store for more items into the school year.
10. Check stores you many not normally shop – Walgreens, CVS, and other drug stores you may not normally shop for school supplies have some great deals. Clothes retailers such as Ross have inexpensive clothing items!