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36 Weeks Pregnant, Haircut, and Projects!

I figured it was probably about time for an update! 🙂 I am 36.5 weeks pregnant in the picture below which was taken yesterday! I’m feeling quite big and uncomfortable!
I was late with my last baby and my first was induced just 2 days before his due date so I am expecting to make it to my due date, but you never know. Once in a while I’ll get this brief moment of – the baby really could come next week!!!
I would so not be ready! I mean I think I have most everything I need except a pack of Newborn diapers, maybe I’ll pick some of those up this weekend, just in case! I just would feel so shocked as I’m fully expecting another 3 weeks of pregnancy!
36 Weeks Pregnant, Haircut, and Projects! IMG 5337
At my appointment with my midwife on Wednesday baby had turned head down, so yay!! Hopefully the baby will stay that way and quit it with the acrobatics! Everything else looked good and now it’s just the waiting game countdown!
I enjoyed reading the responses from those who responded to my gender prediction thread! I have heard the Drano test is dangerous so I think I’ll skip that one! As for those who mentioned intelli-gender, wouldn’t that take all the fun out of it to wait 37 weeks only to find out from a test? Haha! My mom sure wants me to go buy one!
I got my hair cut last week! I feel soooo much cooler not having the length AND I don’t have a permanent pony-tail anymore… for a while anyways until it grows just enough to get it all back into one again! 🙂
36 Weeks Pregnant, Haircut, and Projects! 08+August+2010
I made this blanket for the baby’s bed! It’s actually too big, it would spill over the edge of the mattress on at least 3 sides which would make it perfect for a toddler bed, but that’s okay, as my newborn won’t be using it anyways until they are older.
I made a fun “taggie” section across the middle to make it double as a play mat of sorts and several of them are loops so I could hook one of those link toys to it. Anyways, I don’t sew straight at all so luckily it turned out really good! I really like it!
Anyone have any last minute advice they want to pitch in for adjustments to 3 kids? Not sure if I’ll ever be able to leave the house with all 3! It’s hard enough with 2!! 🙂


Friday 13th of August 2010

I love the blanket!! Nice job! The tags and everything will be great :) Good luck with the next three possible weeks.

L Harris

Friday 13th of August 2010

haha, Janel. Try five with carseats to buckle! I'm due any day with number 6 and I think I will be home permanently! lol. I'm due the 18th but feel like I could go anytime. I'm ready!

Tina G.

Friday 13th of August 2010

I find that the jump from 1 to 2 kids is harder than from 2 to 3 kids! I'm due with number 4 in 2 weeks and I'm not worried a bit! Good Luck!

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