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Tour My Home: Boys SpaceBedroom

The boys room is one of the first rooms we did (beyond the main living area) and it took us FOREVER! It was really fun though and we had a great time being creative and working on it. I did *MOST* of it as I was home to work on it all day.
The planets are numbered 1-10 (Sun is 10.. just worked out that way) and then there are stars around the room from A-Z! And yes, I know Pluto isn’t a “planet” anymore.
Tour My Home: Boys SpaceBedroom IMG 5279
The boys’ loft bed. I need to get another twin mattress for the top, but Tyler isn’t ready to be out of the crib mattress yet, even though it’s in the same room and on the floor you’d think it wouldn’t matter but he refuses to sleep on that bottom mattress.
Here’s a look at their walls:
Space Bedroom Kids Room Theme
Mars and the Milky Way off the left corner as well as an asteroid belt on the right corner.
Boys Space Bedroom
Earth, Moon, Stars, Milky way!
Space Bedroom Kids Room Theme
More planets and a rocket ship. My kids love the rocket ship best!
 Tyler’s current spot, which eventually will have the dresser back in here over there, just have to get my husband to help me move it from the guest bedroom, since Nate is sleeping in here mostly now! My finger must have been slightly in the way or something.. sorry about the weird corner of the picture.
 All the stuffed animals – I love this solution for keeping the stuffed animals up and out of the way and not everywhere! Tyler loves them so I can’t really get rid of them but I certainly don’t want them all over either!

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